Candia, Torino, Italy 7-10 August 2013

Congratulations to all the Leichhardt rowers who competed at the World Masters Games Championships in Turin. Most of our rowers made the finals in a number of events and many won medals.  Well done to all and welcome home. We hope you had a great time and look forward to hearing all about your experiences of racing in Italy.

Our medal winners and finalists were:

Gordon Bevan Finalist in MF8+, MF4+, MixF8+
Daniela Borgert gold medalGold: WB4+, WB4x, WB4-bronze medalBronze: WB1x
Finalist in WD8+, WB2x
Rex Chadwick Finalist in MF8+, MF4+, MixF8+
Angela Conry gold medalGold: WF4-, WF8+  silver medalSilver: WE2-  bronze medalBronze: WE4-
Finalist in WE2x, WE4+, WD8+, MixF8+
David Cowlishaw silver medalSilver: MixE4+
Finalist in MF8+
Peter Gilder Finalist in: MF8+, MF4+, MixF8+
Janine Lippi gold medalGold: WE2x, MixE4x
Rob Neal silver medalSilver: MixE4+  bronze medalBronze: MC4x
Finalist in MF8+, MD4+
Dan O’Callaghan gold medalGold: MixB8+ MixA4+  silver medalSilver: MixC4x
Finalist in MC4x and MD4+
Anne Parbury gold medalGold: WF4-, WF8+  silver medalSilver: WE2-  bronze medalBronze: WF1x
Finalist in WE2x
Sandy Rourke gold medalGold: WE2x, MixE4x  silver medalSilver: WF1x  bronze medalBronze: MixF2x
Michael Terry bronze medalBronze: MC4x
Finalist in MD4+
Tim Tindale silver medalSilver: MF4x bronze medalBronze: Mix F2x, MD8+
Finalist in MF1x, ME8+, MD4+
Caroline Vernon bronze medalBronze: MixC8+
Finalist in WD4+, WD4-, WD8+, MixE8+
Peter Walton Finalist in MF8+, MF4+, MixF8+

Full results are available on this site.

Apologies if we’ve missed anyone’s achievements (searching pdfs for individual names is a time-consuming and somewhat haphazard activity).  If we’ve got it wrong, let Virginia, Anna Cico or Andrew Morrell know and we’ll fix it up.