20131112 5km time trial

Umpire’s comments

The stroke rate was 18 / min. The contrast in rating from last week emphasises the need for pressure and control. Some of you were able to get this right and some lost the plot. As a result we will practice 18 / min. AGAIN next week. This may offer some crews the opportunity to try to row well and at a higher pressure than last time at the same rating.

Overall and excellent result. Many of you continue to show improvement in your times despite the rate change. Excellent work especially for Andrew Morrell, Gerry and Leslie, who all showed improvement on their time.

Also looking very good was Steve from Sydney High who took line honours for his age group and scored one of the fastest times.

The award for control went to Diane Williams and co. Rowing with poise and control so well it looked easy.

Alex and Gerald also made good time. Well done to all.

We had 2 tinnies today and hopefully, we will next week again. Simon and I may swap positions on the course. This may provide a little variation to the way things are run, but should also keep everyone on their toes.

So until next week – ROW HARD

Tim Tindale

The course as rowed by the WM2x

TT 12Nov13 course