This Week @ LRC – 9 November 2018

Your mother doesn’t work here

from Nancy

Thank you to the few good souls who clean up in the kitchen. For the rest of you, refer to the above! If you want to use the facilities: wash, dry and put away after yourselves please.

Attention, all coxwains

from Nancy

After a bit of reshuffling, there is now a cox box allocated to each boat going to the Yarra.

Be sure to use the box you are allocated from now on to be sure it is working excellently. If it is not, I want to know asap so we can sort out the problem. There is a yellow note pad in the office for this. If the problem is the headset, label the headset please!

Every cox should have in their kit a pipe cleaner and meths as many problems can be put down to dirty connections (especially after a big road trip).

Also, care should be taken to put the boxes back on charge correctly after use – this has not been happening with the newer NKs in the last week. The screen should show that they are charging, and volume knob off. They only remain on charge until they are full, as do the blue Coxmates.

Crew leaders, there are some new coxswains so be sure this message gets passed on to them.

Boat Christening

A couple of action shots from last Sunday. If you have more, please send to Anna Cico to make an album (always good for the Annual Report!)

Detergent use: a reminder

from Tim Byrne

I found a small water bottle with yellow liquid inside it marked “Detergent” in between the bays downstairs during the week, which I have confiscated given we no longer use detergent on our boats. If you are the owner of that bottle, I am happy to return it to you on the proviso that we have a discussion on why we no longer use detergent and you then take it home and use it to wash the dishes. For the avoidance of doubt, below is a quick summary of why we are no longer using detergent to wash down our boats after every row.

It is illegal – all of the advice we have received and research various members have done suggests that putting detergent directly into the harbour is in breach of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act.

It is not recommended by boat manufacturers – Sykes (many our our boats are made by Sykes) recommends using detergent only when the boat is really dirty.
I am going to work with the EPA/Council to work out what we should be doing in the event that we do need to use detergent on our boats, but until then we shouldn’t be using detergent to clean our boats after every row.

Feel free to grab me if you see me around the club if you would like further clarification.


Send regatta entries to

  • 11 November, Sunday – Iron Cove Classic #3
  • 12 November, Monday – Committee Meeting at 6.30pm
  • 17 November, Saturday – Nepean Rowing Club Regatta
  • 24 November, Saturday – Head of the Yarra, 8.6km
  • 1 December, Saturday – RNSW Reindeer Regatta, SIRC
  • 2 December, Sunday – NSW Sprint Championships, SIRC
  • 15 December, Saturday – LRC Xmas party, 6pm @ the Club
  • 11-13 January – Taree Summer Regatta
  • 26 January, Saturday – Small Boats Regatta, SIRC