Brian and Rob Jahrling on the podium

Mega success with the Corporate Challenge 2017!

A glorious day at SIRC, no wind and mild weather. Thanks to all who helped.

From Justin

Hi LRC-ers,

This is a quick note to thank you all for the hard work and happy dedication you showed as we executed a really good Corporate Challenge this year. 16 crews was a good number and made the regatta into a “real” event with some excellent racing, a bit of controversy, even one bloke appearing to leap out his boat and swim to the shore! In addition we dodged the forecast gale by about 45 minutes.

Particular thanks must go to all the coaches:

Dean, Alex Farkash, Rhiannon, Scott, Isaac, David Rosenfeld, David Ross, Peter Gilder, Nancy, Virginia, Anne P, Angie, Gary Foster, Guy Elron, Annalisa Armitage

And the tinny drivers, subs, coxes, pontoon marshals and occasional switch-hitter coaches which include at least:

Rex, Anna C, Brian, Ricah, Sandra T, Doreen, Hannah, Dianne, Jacquie, Kathy, Kylie, Tim Mason, Tim Tindale, Shannon, Onno, Roger, Susie, Matt L, Gordon C

Then there are the people who do the important “odd” jobs:

  • Nancy and her crew with the breakfasts,
  • Bob doing running repairs,
  • Steve Duff organising the handicaps and the program,
  • Barry in the tower as always (clearly Duff is gunning for a promotion to Barry’s job),
  • Alex for helping out in many different ways including trailer driving as usual.
  • The judges in the tower who included Kathy, Mossy, Belinda, Jane,
  • Virginia who excelled this year with the wonderful weekly newsletter and regatta program
  • the unflappable starter R. Tiley,
  • Marcus Trimble for design and marketing.

And indeed to many members (and those I’m certain to have rudely forgotten) of the club who came to help on the day, helped load and unload and were generally happy and supportive of the corporate rowers through all of the last month. Tributes from our “customers” have been flowing in and hopefully some of them will join the club or at least come back next year.

Nepean Head

Please send your entries to as soon as possible. The entries close on Monday. No late entries accepted.
If anyone in your crew is not a RNSW member, the entry cannot be done. So make sure you hassle them. Do no send entries if the crew is not registered with RNSW as it wastes a lot of time.

Head of the Shoalhaven

Entries close next Friday. Note this year there are only small boat races for the sprint, plus one D4x race (for men and women). Please send your entries to Anna Cico (
A new spreadsheet for the upcoming regattas is available. Boat captains, ask Matt for access.

Lost Property

The bins upstairs with the lost property are about to get sent to the Op Shop, so please look through to see if anything there belongs to you.

LRC Shop

As the racing season is starting, please give yourselves plenty of planning time if you need new zooties. The LRC shop upstairs has *very* limited stock (and it can be seen online). All other gear is available through The Regatta Shop; note that it takes a few weeks to make and send zooties so plan ahead or you won’t have the gear you need for racing.

Alcohol free zone

As part of the NSW Aboriginal Rugby League Football Carnival Event (28 September to 2 October 2017) Inner West Council are seeking to implement a temporary alcohol free zone in the Leichhardt Precinct which will include LRC.

The successful application of the proposed alcohol free zone will better prepare and support the Leichhardt Local Area Police Command in mitigating/avoiding risks associated with alcohol throughout the event.
As per the ministerial guidelines Inner West Council is required to inform neighbouring or adjacent venues of the proposal.

Premiership 2017 t-shirt

We want to create a special commemorative T-Shirt to celebrate the fact that we won the 2017 Premiership – but we need solid expressions of interest from members. If you are interested in purchasing an “LRC Premiers 2017” t-shirt please go to the online shop and register your intent. No money is required yet. The cost of the T-shirt will be around $20.

Cox boxes

Cox boxes will be allocated by boat, do not take another cox box that’s not allocated to your boat. We appreciate everyone has a preference but we are trying to keep things simple, boat blades and cox boxes are all allocated when a booking is made. The boxes will have the name of the boat on the stickers. Please be mindful of other crews and stick to your allocated box.

Boat Maintenance

All crews have till the end of the month to complete the works on your squads allocated boats. Please ensure that they are done and checked in person by Bob or Matt that all items on the checklist are done. Please do not work on the boats on the timber deck but on the grass at the front or side of the shed. Ask your squad captains should you not have a boat to maintain.

New Boat Map

We have a new Boat Map thanks to Steven D, Matt and Dean.
You can see it online.

PLC Times

The week starting 11th September i.e THIS Monday, PLC girls will be back on the pontoon. We are looking forward to having them back and wishing them all the success this year. The agreed times are below:

During the week, mornings:

Monday and Thursday 5.15am – 5.45am and 6.50am – 7.20am

Afternoons: everyday except Friday


PLC will have the bulk of crews boating from 6.15am – 7.00am so Sat LRC boating times will be altered to 7-7.30 returning @ 8.30 second session 8.30-9am, back at 10am or prior to 6.15

PLC 7-7.30am, so it will be expected the pontoon to be clear of LRC crews by 7.00am

If people are seen on the pontoon or deck during these times no rowing the next PLC day or a week ban will be imposed to the entire crew.


  • 9 September – Drummoyne, NSW Indoor Rowing Championships
  • 16 September, Saturday – Head of the Nepean (4.5km)
  • 23 September, Saturday – Head of the Shoalhaven (6.5km) plus Sprints (350m, 1x, 2x and D4x only)
  • 29 September to 2 October – NSW Rugby League Knockout
  • 30 September, Saturday – NSW TT #1
  • 7 October, Saturday – Head of the Lane Cove, sweep coxed boats only (6.5km)