Captain’s Log

ass kicking

LRC Door code – must be kept secure

Some *#%**!!wit has been writing the door code on the wall outside the shed near the touch panel (in multiple places). Don’t do this! If I catch the person they will be expelled from the Club.

Head Of Parramatta

Allow plenty of time to get to the start.
Toilets behind Sydney Womens’ shed if required
Brian has collected all the race numbers for the Club and these are now in the office.
Make sure you return the race number to LRC on Saturday so that Brian can get his money back.

New Oars

24 new sculling blades arrived this week. They have been labelled and are stored in their correctly labelled spots. Chevrons will be added this weekend. They are for the Thorn, Duff, Hutchison and LRC Masters.


Rowers are still leaving their coach’s tinnies out on the pontoon and leaving them for the last people to put away. Share the load. Put extra things away, not less!
If any of the lights are not working properly please report to Matt or myself. Don’t think someone else has done it.

Outboard Motors

Make sure you connect the battery charging cable to the motors each trip. Otherwise the batteries will go flat.

Washing Boats

Always wash the boats with soap. This includes the oars: blades and handles.

Roller Doors

I regularly come down to find the hoses still connected to the taps with the roller doors jammed down on top of them – stretched to buggery. This also means the door is not fully down. Always disconnect the hose before closing the roller door.

Christmas Party Tickets – Sat 21 Dec

On sale now from Sophie, Angela, Alex F, Paul, Heidi, Peter G and Santa. Buy early to save $10!
Get your friends and family to come so that they can meet the crowd you hang out with in the early hours of the day. Book a table and team for the games – email

Function at club Saturday

If you are around the club about 10.30 on Saturday, lend a hand to clear the clubhouse of equipment ahead of a function at the club that day. It doesn’t take long to clear the floor if there are a few people doing it.

Diary dates

Sat 9 Nov – Head of the Parramatta
Sat 9 Nov – Function at club
Sun 10 Nov – NSW Union of Oarswomen lunch & AGM
Mon 11 Nov – LRC Committee meeting
Sat 16 Nov – St George Regatta, SIRC
Sat 23 Nov – Roseville regatta- Iron Cove – Pymble
Sun 24 Nov – ISRA regatta – SIRC (some Pymble squads will be participating in this regatta)
Sat 30 Nov – Head of the Yarra
Sat 30 Nov – Riverview Gold Cup
Sat 21 Dec – Christmas Party, 6-11pm

Good rowing everyone and keep safe,
LRC Committee