This Week @ LRC – 8 March 2019

Tim Mason after rowing, as seen by his wife

Recreational Racing

from Tim Byrne
There have been a couple of cases recently of recreational members wanting to race in regattas.  Unfortunately, there is some conflicting advice on the website which we are addressing as we speak, so I thought I might try and reduce the volume of confusion to more normal levels and let everyone know what the rules are that the committee has decided should apply for this season.


Basically, everyone that is seeking to enter in any race at any regatta from now until the end of the season MUST BE A COMPETITIVE MEMBER.  If you’re not, we will not enter your boat.

So, to save the sanity of the Treasurer, Regatta Secretary and Membership Secretary – please don’t enter in a race from now until the end of the season if you are a recreational member.

If there are no other options (i.e. there is a seat going in an eight for a specific regatta that can only be filled by a recreational member) we have been and will continue to insist that the recreational member pay the full difference (i.e. $400) between recreational and competitive membership before we process the entry for that boat.

 Thanks for your help with this matter, feel free to grab me if you have any questions.


College Rowing

You may have noticed some new faces taking the Boomalakka out for a paddle during this week – they belong to the wholesome young men of the St Paul’s College rowing squad, who definitely don’t engage in binge drinking or strange initiation rituals.

We will be hosting rowing squads from St Paul’s, Sancta Sophia and St John’s colleges between now and the inter-college regatta on the 10th of May.

Please make welcome anyone that looks like a college student and help them out if they look lost.

LRC Regatta and Boat Christening

by Steve Duff

At the completion of the LRC Regatta this Sunday we will be formally christening the Anna Cicognani quad/four. This is an important event for the club as it recognises the immense amount of work and support Anna has given the club over a long period of time. It is also the important addition of a brand new Sykes racing boat to our great fleet.

Please make the effort to be in attendance and watch the champagne flow. 

BBQ for LRC Regatta

Rex and his crew will be manning the BBQ again and cooking up a storm with lots of gluten-free butcher’s sausages, bacon, onion and eggs.

Fruit and a variety of cold drinks will also be on sale, so BRING YOUR MONEY WITH YOU!! 

Labeller Wanted

By Steve Duff

Our resident labeller Ms Kristin Moss has relocated for work to Canberra. I am looking for someone as obsessive as me to label everything in the shed.

This includes oars, riggers, boats, motors, signs, storage areas and anything else you can think of.

If you get a kick out of being organised this is the job for you. Please email with your resume.

Website Tips

Our website is completely “searchable” so if you are looking for something, click on the lens icon on the top right hand side of any screens (just beside the drop down menu) and put in some keywords.

The userid and password combination are needed to access some parts of the website like the Club meeting minutes and documents available to members only. You DO NO need a password to book boats or pay fees. In case you have forgotten you password, you can reset it.

And you definitely DO NOT need any userid and password to access the shop.


by Nancy W

Just so you all know, there is a defibrillator kept at the club for use in emergencies – i.e. when someone’s heart has stopped beating (i.e. they haven’t just fainted..).

It is kept in the Pymble bay at the Glover Street end attached to the wall at about head height. It is in a small suitcase which is bright red and labelled “HeartSmart”.

It is designed so that any twit can use it, you just follow the nice voice that tells you what to do, however it is preferable if someone who has a first aid certificate (and there must be plenty of you) can lead the resuscitation as they will have already been introduced to one.

And if you are called on to help – remember to heart massage to the rhythm of “Stayin’ Alive”! 

Lost Property

By Nancy W

This weekend is your last opportunity to recover that lost item of clothing / towel / shoes / helmet / drink bottle from the lost property bin as next week it will be emptied and taken to the Op Shop by Nancy. There are some very nice things in there, too. 


Send regatta entries to

  • 9 March, Saturday – Riverview Gold Cup, Lane Cove River
  • 10 March, Sunday – LRC Grade regatta, Iron Cove
  • 7 April, Sunday – DRC Centenary regatta (grade), Iron Cove
  • 13-14 April – Trickett Regatta, SIRC
  • 20 April, Saturday – DRC Masters, Iron Cove
  • 28 April, Sunday – Iron Cove Masters (LRC organised)
  • 4-5 May – NSW State Masters Championships, SIRC
  • 11 May – Boat maintenance day #2
  • 2 June – Presentation day, ~4pm at the Club
  • 3 August – Boat maintenance day #3
  • 2 November – Boat maintenance day #4