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Rowing in Rio…

Volunteers for LRC JB Sharp – 31 July

Please come forward to drive tinnies and help out at the JB Sharp organised by LRC on 31 July.
Contact the Captain or Anna Cico.

From the Captain

Human Nature

Everyone gets given advice through their lives but there’s nothing quite like self-experience to convince yourself, is there!

Since I have been at the Club some 17 years I remember memos coming out from the powers that be to say the Club has rules for no rowing under certain conditions.
The main ones were always:

1. If you can’t see the Iron Cove Bridge lights in the morning due to fog then DON’T GO OUT
2. If there is lightning in the area then DON’T GO OUT
3. If you can see white caps on the water then DON’T GO OUT
4. If the wind is over or predicted to be over 20 knots then DON’T GO OUT

So why do we still have members and experienced ones at that, going out in such conditions? They invariably come back in early after damaging the boat or their ego and proceed to give advice to everyone about NOT GOING OUT.

Wake up to your selves! If you take out a boat under such circumstance and cause any damage then your will be held responsible for the repairs. If you as a coach, instructed someone to do it then you will be held responsible as well.

RNSW Membership

Remember that if you want to race (including at JB Sharp) you need to renew your RNSW Membership.

SCUD Trial

Over the past few weeks we have been trialing a SCUD on loan from Race 1. It’s the bright yellow canoe in the petrol bay.
Whilst the reports back are that is very stable, it is not something rowers wish to use more than once or twice.
We have decided not to purchase one. Instead we will be adding a few second hand good condition sculls to our fleet and retiring a few of the worn out ones.

Membership Renewal

As a result of discussions with a number of different club members we’d like to clarify the fee structure for the coming season.

Membership Category 2016/17 Change
Competitor – Senior Active $1,100 Increase of $50
Competitor – Full Time Student $700 No change
Recreational $700 Increase of $25
Life Member (if Competing) $250 No change
Guest $100 per mth No change
Nominated Student (visiting Uni rowers) $100 per mth No change
Supporter $50 No change

For a definition of each membership level please see our Constitution. There are no new categories.
Some young Juniors have also enrolled in our Winter Program and, a small group of Juniors, for some specialist “Pathways” coaching as an extra. This is not a different form of membership.

Fees as above for the new season are due on the 30th June each year. Each member has 60 days from the 1st of July to pay their fees before their membership expires.

JB Sharp – this Sunday

Hosted by Drummoyne, JB Sharp is on this Sunday.


  • 10 July, JB Sharp Drummoyne
  • 24 July, Head of the Hunter marathon (45km)
  • 31 July, JB Sharp, Leichhardt
  • 4 September, Corporate Regatta