Note: Boat loading for Taree

Now on Thursday 9 January (tomorrow!) at 5.30am.

Captain’s Log

Shed Security

It is the responsibility of every member to ensure the club is secure or supervised at all times. If you are the last out then you have to bring everything in and close all the doors, windows and roller shutters. Nothing should be left on the pontoon. All LRC tinnies should be on trolleys and away. Once the alarm is fixed, it should also be activated. New and junior members should be supervised. If you are a Senior member and have to leave the Club, then tell them they have to leave as well so you can lock up.

Last Thursday at lunch time a member was driving by and noticed the roller doors open and not a sole in the shed. How the hell can this happen? Members caught abusing this basic rule will be told to leave.

Basic rules

1. be responsible
2. if it’s on the floor throw it out
3. this is not your home, it is our Club!

Note that the new code for the door will be operational from this Saturday.

Club Tidiness

When your wife or husband tells you to “get it out of the house” that doesn’t mean they are telling you to sneak it into the Club. We do not want your fond memories. They will just be thrown away. This includes old gym equipment, tables, chairs, bicycles, towels, hoses, bins, decorations, cooking pots, pie ovens, freezers, trailers, crates, tubs and so on. Only approved items will remain on location.

We have decided to leave the gym curtain fully withdrawn outside function times. This makes the space more open and gym more accessible. We have removed several pieces of “donated” equipment so that members can actually get to use what is there. Please keep it tidy as is its current state. Chairs are now to be stored along the eastern wall with about 60 in the mirrored cupboard. Tables are to be folded and propped up along the wall behind the ergs. Please help by returning things to these places after use. A few shelves are being added to the mirrored cupboard to make access a little easier.

With the addition of the sculling oar rack and the rigger holders we are getting close to a clean deck. Rule No2: Nothing on the floor!

Club Maintenance Day

To all members recreational, active and junior not partaking in the Taree regatta this weekend; you are required to help between 8am and 10am this Sunday in a working bee. We will be cleaning the shed, rigging a few boats and relocating the fleet to a new plan. Many boat labels will be moved so that when the 2 trailers of Taree boats return they will all go into their new homes. Members are required to attend these days as part of their membership commitment. As I have a family wedding this weekend I will be on deck as well and not at Taree.

Small Boats and Balmain Regattas

Call for entries by 13th January for these two regattas. Please make an effort to get them in on time. Talk to your coaches and coordinators today.

New Boats

New 4x/4+, 2x/2- and 1x coming this month.

The Captain

Recreational volunteers roster

We recently set up a roster for the more senior club members to pitch in and help out on Saturday and Sunday mornings with the Recreational members of the club, whose numbers are growing very fast – to say nothing of their enthusiasm.

So far, we’ve had some good help but some people haven’t shown up at all. We would like to remind members of their respective upcoming duties.

This weekend, we have:
Robbie Williams – Saturday
David Bodell – Sunday

Next weekend:
Kristian Bodell – Saturday
Peter Gilder and Sian Bates – Sunday

Final note: despite rumours you may have heard, the racing snails in the picture were not squished and thrown out after the race. We are told Santa is taking good care of them (some say he has frozen them) so they’ll be slimier and therefore faster for the soon-to-be-announced Xmas party of 2014. Also, they are not allowed to crawl on the floor, as per Club Rules 1, 2 and 3.

Good luck at Taree.