Brian Davis and David Hogan win the MM2x Sprints

Xmas Party


3 Weeds in Rozelle from 6.30pm.
$20 at the door for food.
Drinks @ the bar.

Taree 2018

Please indicate ASAP (to Matt, Dean, AnnaC) if you intend to go to the Taree Summer Regatta on 12-14 January 2018. It’s a 2.5 days event and the intention this year is to mix and match as much as possible, and give the opportunity to less experienced racers to be in boats with more experienced ones. Send proposed combos to by next Friday 15 December.

There will be a Club dinner on the Saturday – a very nice opportunity to hang out with your fellow LRC members and talk about the elusive boat speed.

Xmas Morning – Santa’s Sprints and Opera House Row

Monday 25/12/17

Anyone (members and friends) interested in participating in the club’s annual Xmas Morning row to the Sydney Opera House & Santa’s Sprint (25/12/17) please add your name to the list at the Club.

Crews can be made up from scratch or if you have a crew willing to participate – add details too. We usually send a few eights and sometimes one or two quads or fours depending on who (actually) turns up. A club tinny or two will escort the boats out and back for safety and to take the odd camera operator [Limit 1 per tinny] (and carry the crew’s Xmas drinks and / or cake and lollies – if requested) etc. More than two persons in a tinny slow it down so it’s not efficient.

This is the only occasion that the NSW Maritime Authority (Now RMS was old WaterWays) will allow rowing craft under the Harbour Bridge. You must NOT enter the Circular Quay Ferry area. It is best to get your boat to sit off the Opera House (mid point) opposite steps/pylon.

All crews should be at LRC shed and ready to boat and to row at 5.45am. We may sometimes be a bit late but we must get to the Opera House by 6.30 – 6.45an am – to meet up with the other rowers from most of the harbour clubs and some schools and Unis and share the Xmas spirit and cheer. We go if it is wet or dry. Coxswains are needed to steer some boats.

The “Santa’s Sprint” from the Opera House to the Harbour Bridge will begin at about 7.00 to 7.10 am – so we should have all boats there well beforehand. Return to club by approx 8.00 to 8.15 am. Have a quick coffee , breakfast or go home and wake the kids !!

It is always a great way to start Christmas Day by celebrating with your club mates and rowing colleagues from other Sydney clubs etc. Don’t forget to dress your boat up (or down) & wear your Santa hat, Red nose or Reindeer antlers!!! (NOTE: It is on ….Wet or Dry)

Merry Xmas to all!
Steve Jaques – Coach – LRC

Lost Property Bin

Nancy has got hold of all lost items – please see her to retrieve whatever you may have lost.
We may use the lost property as a fundraiser in the future.


  • 9 December, Saturday – Xmas Party, 3 Weeds, from 6.30pm
  • 12-14 January 2018, Friday to Sunday – Taree Summer Regatta
  • 27 January, Saturday – Small Boats regatta
  • 25 April, Wednesday – ANZAC Day Row