This Week @ LRC – 7 September 2018

Thanks to Corporate Helpers

from Justin

The corporate season is over again and we are into the head races. This year’s corporate Challenge was a big success with crews enjoying very good weather, great camraderie and exciting, close racing at SIRC.

Feedback has been excellent and we have put money in the bank.

None of it would have happened without the excellent coaches and tinny drivers, the coxes, the caterers, the BROs at SIRC, the boat loaders, timers, starters, newsletter writers, and more.

Thank you to all involved – until next year when we can do it all over again.


The LRC Christmas Party is Back!

Yes folks, the silly season is just around the corner so get out your diaries and reserve Saturday 15th December at 6pm for the club Christmas Party, to be held again at our very own clubhouse.

Bring along your families and significant others (so they can see where you’ve been for the last year) for an evening of fun, games and FEASTING.

The glazed leg hams will be back by popular demand, as well as the Christmas Pudding Ice cream. Vegans and gluten free-ers will also be catered for.


Boats “by invitation only”

A reminder to all members that some boats on the booking sheet are marked “by invitation only” and should not be used.
The Shamrock has sustained unreported damage by someone unauthorised to use it.


Membership and Door Code

Now that we have passed the final payment date of the 31st of August 2018 for renewing membership, any non-financial person is no longer entitled to use any of the LRC facilities. If they still wish to be a member they must pay before they next come to the shed. If they have not paid by the end of September 2018 and still wish to be a member they will be required to reapply and pay a $200 joining fee as well.

From the 17th of September a list will be posted on the notice boards of all non-renewed members from last season.

As well as this on the 17th of September, we will be removing all the current door security codes and emailing out a new code to all financial members. The alarm code will also be changing. This will now be done each year at this time.

Please do not give out the new code if asked. It is your responsibility to help protect your club.


The Thin White Line

Please observe the Two Meter Rule. There is a white line painted on the deck, two meters out from the wall. It is there to help us keep a passage clear for people to wheel the boxes of stairs from one bay to another whilst others are rigging boats.

So please help everyone by not setting your boat on slings in such a way that the bow or stern is over the white line. Please do not place riggers on the clubhouse side of the white line.

Please pull the hoses out fully so that they are not stretched tight at head height to interfere with people traversing the DMZ behind the white line.



  • 8 September, Saturday – Lane Cove Head, 4+ and 8+ only, 6.5km
  • 15 September, Saturday – indoor rowing championships, DRC
  • 16 September, Sunday – Head of the Nepean (big boats), 5km
  • 22 September – Head of the Shoalhaven, 6.5km
  • 7 October, Sunday – Iron Cove Classic #1
  • 13 October, Saturday – RNSW Spring Regatta, SIRC
  • 20 October, Saturday – Head of the Parramatta
  • 4 November, Sunday – Iron Cove Classic #2
  • 5 November – Committee Meeting at 6.30pm
  • 11 November, Sunday – Iron Cove Classic #3
  • 15 December, Saturday – LRC Xmas party, 6pm @ the Club