foul play 1 and 2

Captain’s Log

Don’t let it be said I hold a grudge

Since last weekend I have not been able to sleep.

Every time I close my eyes I see the pictures I have sketched; the MC2- (pair) in the Drummoyne Regatta, closing in from bow side only metres from the finish line; scrambling with the other crew to try to get loose only a metre from the line; my blood pressure rising; the finish line officials above my head in the boat laughing and finally crew 3 taking Gold before our eyes.
I may never pair again.
The guilt lies heavily upon those responsible.

[Right of reply in next week’s edition – Ed.]


If you discover something broken you are able to fix then do it properly. Take the time to use the correct pieces with the right tools. Leave things the way you would want to find them. Don’t always expect someone else to do it for you. We are more than happy to assist so ask for help is unsure.

Closing Up

On Monday night someone left a roller door slightly up, alarm off, windows open and lights on!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rules for last out: Doors (up & down) closed, windows closed, lights off, alarm on!


Coaches are responsible.
Each tinny should have a kit bag containing life jackets, a paddle, bucket, anchor and working lights.
Clean out all rubbish like water bottles after each use.
Motors must be flushed and hosed off each time. Disconnect fuel. Store light pole in holder.
Switch off lights.
Drain excess water and replace bung.

Learn To Row

First on water sessions are on Sunday 16th March. 2 tinnies will be allocated at 7am and 3 at 9am on Saturdays and Sundays for 3 weeks. The tinny roster will change. Don’t think you own a tinny. Check the roster each week.
Say hello and smile. Don’t bite them!

Oar Repairs

There are 3 oars currently in for repair. Substitutes are in their place which may have different handles. Do not change the handles as the repaired ones will be back shortly.

“Leave or lose it” if it’s on the floor

As you know I have an allergy to crap on the floor. Unless you want me to come out in a rash I would appreciate you all assisting by either tossing out or placing upstairs on the “Lost Property Table” items left anywhere in the shed.

Steve Duff

Regatta Entries

Club applications for entry to Drummoyne Masters and Trickett Regattas both close on Monday 24 March.
No late applications will be accepted.

Recreational rowing

This week’s helpers are:

Peter Walton – Saturday
Sebastian Trengali – Sunday

Diary Dates

Sat 8/3: Sydney regatta SIRC
Sat 15/3: Learn to row orientation
Sun 16/3-Sun 5/4: Learn to row
24/3-30/3: Sydney International Rowing Regatta, SIRC
Sun 30/3: Maintenance day