Captain’s Log

Balmain Regatta

This Sunday the Balmain Regatta is being held on Iron Cove. They will be hosting it from Leichhardt. Balmain will be providing pontoon marshals, lunch for the BROs etc all from LRC. Please make them feel welcome.
Boats will be going on the water for their races from 7.30am.
No recreational rowing Sunday, but all welcome to come down and support Leichhardt.

Access to Club

Juniors should only be at the Club under the general supervision of Senior Active members and Coaches.
Juniors are not to bring non members down to go fishing off the pontoon.
Members are not to bring non members down to go rowing, especially in the middle of the day, without prior approval from Captain.

Call For entries

For Leichhardt Regatta (23 Feb 14). Talk to your coach or coordinator for your entries.


Tara, one of our newer young female rowers, is looking for a lift to rowing on Wednesday and Sunday mornings. She lives in St Peters. Anne Parbury is her coach. Contact Anne or me if you can help.

Margot’s private sculling rigger has gone missing. It is a black Sykes, not quick release. Her mother did not put her name on it so it is not going to be easy to identify.

To All Private Owners – please label all your equipment clearly – boat, oars, riggers, seat etc. There is a labeller in the office which members are welcome to use.

Two Swiss girls (in their 20s) are coming to row for Leichhardt between August and May. They are looking for accommodation. Happy to work as well. If you can help let me (Capt) know.

Missing buoyancy vest – Has anyone seen or know where Ross Tout’s buoyancy vest is? It is dark blue and has his name in biro on the maker’s label. It went missing when Ross was away in mid-November and has not been seen since. If you have it, please return it to the office.

New Boats

The new Quad and Double have arrived. Stay tuned for christening date details

Boat Bookings

Please send them in on Fridays only for the coming Monday to Sunday. Use the template in the Members section of our Web site.

Club Mottos

  1. This is not your home, it is our Club – no mess!
  2. If it’s left on the floor it’s going out!

Steve Duff

Stop the boats!

The Destiny motorboat has reappeared in the bay, although in a less dangerous place. As sunrise is getting later, be careful about your navigation in the dark. And remember, no lights, no row.

Our Website – from the Webmaster

We’ve had the new website for some time now. While we keep tweaking it to make it better and faster for everyone, I get many emails from members who have problems which may appear related to the site, but they are instead related to their computer setups. Check that first and your internet connection, as 99% of times, that’s where the problem is.
If you’ve lost your password or cannot remember it, please use the “lost password” link. All members’ usernames are in the form of name.surname so give that a shot first. Thanks to Andrew Morrell for updating the backend, which made the site faster and more reliable.

zac dani

LRC Shop

New LRC clothes have arrived and they are on display through our online shop. Take a look and make your purchase. All orders are to be picked up from the Club, and also please be patient as we smooth the processes out. Ask Daniela, Caroline, Sue or AnnaCico if you need anything. A special stall will be setup for the LRC Regatta for all members to have a look and purchase the new gear.

Recreational rowing helpers

Saturday 8 Feb: John Currie and Angela Conry
Sunday 9/2: No recreational rowing

Saturday 15/2: Onno van Ewyk & Belinda Brigham
Sunday 16/2: Virginia van Ewyk

Premiership Update

As of 17 January 2014, LRC is still ahead:

Leichhardt Rowing Club – 870.50
Sydney Rowing Club – 825.00
St George Rowing Club – 737.25

Keep bringing in those points!

Diary dates

Sat 8 Feb –  Sydney Girls High School regatta – Iron Cove from 8am
Sun 9 Feb –  Balmain regatta
Sun 9 Feb –  No recreational rowing
Fri 14-16 Feb – NSW Rowing Championship – SIRC
Sun 23 Feb – LRC regatta – Iron Cove
Sat 15 Mar – LRC Learn to row orientation
Sun 16 Mar – LTR course begins