The newsletter shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;

The notices shall not weary them, nor the upcoming dates condemn.

At the going down of the Friday evening sun and in the Saturday morning after

We will remember it

Sadly, it seems that I am off the newsletter for good. I am told it is purely due to my responsibilities as men”s vc and not the content.

Its been fun while it lasted. If you actually miss my humour, lets be real, I’m not going anywhere fast (including in the boat these days).

Ergs – The Proclaimers Missed Out

Who on earth would walk 500 miles, then walk 500 more, when you could just erg all 1000? Much better plan.

The club, in conjunction with the ever-helpful Pymble, is in the process of upgrading our ergometry facilities. To make space, the club is looking to have the more worn in ergs “go to the farm” where the farm is your garage/living room/bedroom for a remarkably reasonable $700. Realistically, they all still work, hey have one of the more recent screen/computer head on them, and most importantly have a stick you can pull on to your heart’s (and lungs’ and legs’) content.

First come, best dressed, email to order.

Things you can buy for $700:

  • Half a shiny brand new erg
  • 350 McDouble Burgers
  • 70 SIRC parking tickets
  • 50 seat fees for Iron Cove regattas
  • 140 coffees from City Extra
  • One of these ergs

I think I know what I’d get if I had any space where I live

Motors and Hoses

With the hoses back, please make sure you’re washing the motors out after sessions. Especially with he water restrictions, it seems this is something that has flown under the radar. Lets build back a habit of washing them out when they’re used, and give them that extra bit of TLC.


From Nancy

Get in quick to find your lost drink bottle, jacket, shoes, thongs and shirts, because as of 10 a.m. Sunday everyone is welcome to come and take what they like.  The fewer I have to wash and take to the op shop the better.  There are also a number of older club t-shirts lurking in there if you want to build up your collection.


Also Nancy

On Sunday the BBQ will be cranked up by the Rexes with the best sausages, eggs, bacon and fried onion sangers to be had on the Bay.


The Juniors will also be running a Bake Sale so bring your money with you and take home something delicious for afternoon tea.

Training Program

In tragic news, it appears that Head Coach Jeff can allegedly only be in so many places at once. In lieu of his constant attendance to every squad’s every session, Jeff has provided a couple of training programs and session plans outside the office upstairs to follow. Following these recommendations and having the man grace your squad sessions from time to time (organised by your dutiful squad captains) will no doubt help crews at any level find a bit of free speed.

Drummoyne Regatta Entries by Saturday

Friendly reminder that the Drummoyne Regatta is next Sunday 15th March. Have your squad captain get their entries in today/early tomorrow to continue the assertion of dominance reclaimed on the bay during this weekend’s racing.

Sick of Toilet Paper yet?

With the highly eventful week for whoever does resource allocation at Kleenex or Quilton, its worth remembering a couple of Handy Healthy Htips Haround Hthe Hclub:

  • Wash your hands when you should
  • If you’re sick, do everyone else a favour and take the sleep in
  • Don’t lick things you shouldn’t
  • Spray and wipe down the ergs when you’re done
  • Bring a towel when in the gym (or anytime really, it’s a water sport)

Clean up any food/drink things you’ve used.

Coronavirus hasn’t even paid its fees this season, don’t let it in.



8th March – LRC Regatta (definitely not the Captain’s Birthday)

15th March – Drummoyne Regatta

23rd March – Nationals Week

5th April – Drummoyne Masters (Iron Cove)

18th April – Trickett Regatta (SIRC)

29th April – Masters Nationals (SIRC)

16th May – Iron Cove Masters (Iron Cove I think)

23rd May – NSW Masters (SIRC)