From Steve Duff  

Congratulations and a BIG thank to all those who helped make this year’s event such a success. It all ran smoothly and all participating companies had a great experience. In particular I would like to thank the following for putting themselves out for a month. They raised a huge amount of money for the club to use on equipment purchases in the coming season. Not in any particular order they were: Matt Limburg Virginia van Ewyk, Denis Tracey, Peter Gilder, Tim Clare, Isaac Eveleigh, Rhiannon Sandow, Shannon Woods, Scott Patterson, Deanna Fekete, Alex Lowe, Bob Kelsall, Jim Alexander, David Ross, Nancy Wahlquist, Barry Moynaghan, Margaret Bailey, 

Doreen Borg, Tim Mason, David Elliot and of course Justin Milne (apologies if I left someone out). I would also like to thank all the Juniors and Recreational Rowers for helping with the setup and attending the event. They added greatly to the atmosphere.

To all those members who were not able to attend or help I hope you take a moment to thank the above people when you see them. 


With Anna Cicognani leaving soon we are lucky to have 2 members step up to replace her role with respect to our website and weekly newsletter.

Helen Dunn ( has agreed to become our Website manager and coordinate the weekly boat bookings

Alex Lowe ( has taken on the role of newsletter editor

Helen  will post a physical copy each week of the bookings in the notice cabinet near the entrance on Sundays.



Black Boat Rowers List

From Tim Byrne


 I think that there has been some confusion about the process regarding the list of black boat rowers that the captains circulated earlier this week.  The current boat usage rules of the club (which we are in the process of updating – but they will remain broadly consistent with the current rules) state that rowers need to apply in writing to the captain to become a designated black boat rower.  I thought that it would be more efficient to start that process by putting together an initial list of rowers that represented our current understanding of the club’s black boat rowers.  Please don’t be offended if your name is not on the list, just send me an email requesting your name be added to the list and the captains will consider it.

I would point out though that the point of this rule is to restrict access to the club’s best boats so they remain in good condition for training and racing, so ongoing maintenance of the club’s best boats is something we will consider when putting together this list in future.

Feel free to drop me a line to discuss the above if you like.


Boat Allocations


I’ve also received a bit of feedback about the boat allocation lists that I circulated earlier in the week.  The purpose of this list is to ensure that the club’s boats are being maintained and that crews that want to train and race have access to the boats that most suit their abilities and ambitions.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an unlimited supply of new Empachers to give everyone, so the club will always have to compromise.  Equally, if there is a specific boat that you and your crew would like to be allocated then feel free to drop me a line and the captains will have a discussion with you and the crew that we have currently allocated that boat to about swapping the boats between crews.  And, just because your crew hasn’t been allocated a specific boat doesn’t mean that you can’t use it – generally all that is required is to have a mature discussion with the crew that has been allocated that boat and 9 times out of 10 a solution that allows you and your crew to access that boat will become available.

I love that people are really passionate about the boats they have been historically allocated, but please remember that this is a club with limited resources who’s needs and requirements will continue to evolve as we all do. 

As always, happy to take feedback (I don’t really need to say that, because I know I will receive it anyway..)

Tinny Use and Care

From Isaac Eveleigh

Lately there has been an increased Maritime presence in the bay, and we should be looking to ensure we are following all safety rules, as well as caring for our tinnies as best as possible. If you take out a tinny, please ensure the following:

 – Lights – make sure the tinny has fully functioning lights when required, red and green, as well as a 360 degree visible white light. If the lights do not work, do not risk it

 – Life jacket – there must be a life jacket onboard for each person in the boat. for tinnies, life jackets are required when boating alone, and in “adverse conditions”, including before sunrise

 – Safety kit – ensure all items are inside, and return to the shelf putting the tinny away

 – Fuel – ensure you have enough to go out, and return inside the fuel cabinet when putting the tinny away. The shed’s insurance depends on this

 – Packing away – without an explicit arrangement with the next user, put your tinny away

 – Motor – all weekend users to flush the tinny motor with fresh water after use

Licences – the club requires a copy of all tinny drivers’ boat licence. Please send a photo or scan of your licence to in the next week to continue driving a tinny. This will be enforced shortly. 


From our Trivia Team

We show off our brawn on a daily basis, but now is your chance to show off your brain!

LRC’s major fundraising event of the year kicks off at 6pm tomorrow night, with the first round of questions to start at 6:30pm.  I can guarantee there will be lots of fun and good food to be had! With games and prizes, and a fully stocked drinks fridge.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased their tickets online. Tickets will still be available for purchase at the door of course. Our tech team has a card payment system in place, but better bring cash too! Because you can’t bribe the judges with a piece of plastic. I mean, raffle tickets. Cash is good for raffle tickets.

See you all tomorrow night! 

Please note that the gym will be closed tomorrow morning from 8:30am for trivia set up. Squad leaders to rally up the troops as many hands make light work!!