AU Women 4- winning in Florida

LRC Women’s Breakfast

All women rowers and coxswains are invited to breakfast at the club on Sunday, 8 October from 9am.
The club will be providing eggs, bacon, bread, tea and coffee. Each crew is asked to bring something for the table e.g. fruit, yoghurt, baked goodies, juice or anything else you feel inspired to share.
We look forward to seeing you all there!

New Club Shirt

Rhiannon and Nancy will be at the club on Sunday morning from 8.30 to take orders for your very own Premiers 2017 shirt.
There will be shirts to try on for size. Orders can also be taken via the online shop, but this is your chance to get the right fit.
Rhiannon will also be at the club after the first ICC with the shirts if you can’t make it on Sunday.
The cost will be $22, and printed on a long-sleeved good quality white cotton shirt. Row in it, pop it on before and after or just wear it to bed, the choice is yours!

The Iron Cove

You may have noticed that we have a new Eight on the racks. We’ve called it the Iron Cove as a nod to the great precinct we have called home for 130 years. It’s a black boat which, hopefully, members will row to many great victories on the Cove.

The Rosie and the Griffin

The David Rosenfeild and The Griffin are two syndicate boats which have now come to the end of their agreement. Very generously, the syndicates who previously owned the boats have decided to make them club boats so they will be available to all to row. Both will be green boats. The Rosie is a lightweight boat, suitable for women and juniors and has been kept in superb condition. The Griffin is a bit older, a coxed four / quad and is suitable for men. It’s a very good boat even if slightly aged like it’s erstwhile owners.

Never Gym Alone

You may have read that there have been two tragic gym accidents recently in NSW. Both were the result of people lifting weights alone. Something went wrong and they were crushed. Nasty! Please make sure that you do not lift weights / bench press alone in the LRC gym. Try to work out with a buddy – it’s more fun and you’ll probably work harder too.

Door Code

The door code for entry into the club will be changing soon. All financial members will be notified by email. Please keep the code confidential. Giving it to others is a breach of the club rules. If you don’t receive an email and you suddenly can’t get in it will be either because you have not paid your fees or else because you have given us the wrong email address – either way it’s in your hands.

RNSW Membership

Please pay your fees with RNSW before you ask to enter a crew!

World Champs!

Watch the race videos of men and women of Australia winning their titles in Sarasota recently.


  • 7 October, Saturday – Head of the Lane Cove, sweep coxed boats only (6.5km)
  • 8 October, Sunday, 9am – LRC Women’s Breakfast
  • 14 October, Saturday – Spring regatta, SIRC
  • 15 October, Sunday – ICC #1 (eights only)
  • 21 October, Saturday – North Shore Head, small boats only (1x, 2- and 2x)
  • 29 October, Sunday, ICC #2 (eights only)
  • 4-12 November – Australian Indoor Rowing Championships