Martindale Pond - Ontario, Canada

Martindale Pond – Ontario, Canada

The World’s Top 10 lakes and rivers to row on.


This annual recreational Christmas social row from Leichhardt to the Lane Cove Weir is on again on Sunday 6 December 2015.

For those who have not done this before it is a fun row in a fleet of eights right up to Lane Cove Weir along the scenic Lane Cove River. As it is a reasonably long way there will be reserve rowers in tinnies and crews will mix and interchange rowers along the way. It is not a race but an event and even if you are relatively new to rowing you will have a good time.

It is open to everyone.

Be at the club by 5.20am on Sunday 6 December so we can launch the tinnies and be on the water by 6am.

Expect to be back about 9.30-10am.

Reserve your seat and reply to Wade Hewitt ASAP

Advise him if:

  • You have a boat licence.
  • You would also like to stay and have a BBQ breakfast when we return to the club.

The Hewetts –

Geoff Rich –

It’s choice to be a BRO

Despite LRC being the largest club in NSW we are not pulling our weight in the volunteer stakes. Rowing, as you know, is an entirely amateur sport – it’s one of the great things about it – but it therefore relies entirely on volunteers. This is perhaps nowhere more important than in the area of Boat Race Officials.

Leichhardt currently has no BROs (although we do have numerous kiwis) and we need to fix this. So please seriously consider becoming a BRO.

Boat Race Officials and regatta volunteers are the backbone of the sport. They contribute their time, effort and expertise in assisting rowers of all ages to develop their skills and enjoy our sport.

Why would you want to become a Boat Race Official?

  • Support a family member who is involved in the sport
  • Rowing has given you so much over the years and you want to put something back into the sport
  • Represent your club at another level, up to an international level
  • You have an interest or passion for rowing
  • To gain personal satisfaction
  • You have a community minded spirit and enjoy helping others
  • You are looking to do something worthwhile for the young people in the community
  • You are looking for an avenue to make friends, develop social contacts and have fun
  • You want to keep fit and active

If you are interested in becoming a BRO, RNSW is holding a “Becoming a BRO” evening on 24 November at the Sydney Rowing Club shed at 6.00pm.

A Club of our size should have at least 6 BROs helping out.

Orientation for new members

The next orientation day for new members is Saturday 21 November, 10:30 – 12:00. Anyone who has joined since August or is a new members and yet to attend orientation should be there, or be prepared to explain their absence to the Captain.

Coaches meeting cancelled

Meeting for this Saturday has been cancelled, the date for the next meeting is still to be finalised.

Iron Cove Classic 2 (ICC2)

The Iron Cove Classic is on again this Sunday, racing starts at 8am.

We have 10 crews entered and we are lending a boat to Mosman for their mixed 8.

The Juniors need to be down early to rig the Stone which is now above the Griffin/Rosie quads. Mosman will need to get the Jaques down to rig.

Both will need to be de-rigged afterwards and put back where they were stored.

Do you want a free hat?

Thanks for those who have already volunteered to help out in the ICC#3, hosted by us, on 22 November.

We still need a crew to prepare breakfast for the BROs please and one more tinny driver. Please email Ben ( ) or Anna Cico (

Members’ Services

Applications are dribbling in for a listing in the directory of services offered by LRC members but we need a few more. So if you’re a freelance-anything let Justin ( know your email, mobile number with a one line description of your service and link to your website if you have one.

You might not be freelancer but might work for or own a small business that could do with some extra work.

Don’t be shy.


We are very close to getting enough pre-orders for a Leichhardt Rowing Club Blazer. If you think you might like an LRC blazer, for club events, inter-club events, rowing functions or just to show off then please let Justin know fast.

Head of The Yarra (HOTY)

We have 10 crews entered, which must be a record!

We will be towing 8 eights to Melbourne and borrowing 2 from Brighton Grammar. In exchange for the loaners we are towing 2 new boats down on our trailers for Brighton. So that’s 2 trailers with a total of 10 eights. Pymble is also taking down 3 eights. So that’s 13 boats from our shed!

Christmas Party

December 19th is the date. We need a few helpers. Any volunteers?? Please email the Captain ASAP.

We will need help with things like decorations, catering, games and ticket sales

Shed Cleaning Squad

Well done to Russell and his mates. So far they have been the best squad for keeping the shed and pontoon clean.

November is the month of Jennifer Muller and her fellow young rowers (Simon’s Squad). Just keep the shed floor swept and the pontoon free from bird deposits and you will not hear a word from me.

Time Trials

Remember that Tuesday it Time Trial day. 5km recorded by Tim and Simon. All boats welcome.

Calm Waters Expressions of Interest

Charlotte Hollings and John Dunn from Calm Waters Rowing in the USA (both U.S. National Team members) are interested in holding a special school for sculling in the week just after Taree at Leichhardt. The program is for 3 sessions per person in a scull, double or quad. It covers everything from Olympic videos, on water sessions with video of your own rowing and personalised tuition. A maximum of 8 people can attend at one time.

There would be a cost to members of $375 for a 3 day camp during the week or $275 for a weekend camp.

Can you email me if it is of interest to you straight away –

If there is sufficient interest we need to inform them as soon as possible.

They will be holding a similar camp in Canberra the week before.
People you can ask questions to are Anne Parbury or Helen Dunn

You can see a bit about them on the following links: