The Conolly's Dynasty

Farewell Klaus (aka The Conolly’s Dynasty picture). From the left: Michael, Klaus, Lloyd, Haig and Lachlan. You wouldn’t tell, but Klaus, Lloyd and Haig are related…


Tinnies: Know what to do

The following tinny instruction has been developed to ensure the safety and legal compliance of all tinny users, and to ensure proper care and maintenance of tinnies. Tinnies are easily damaged; it is everyone’s responsibility to operate and maintain tinnies correctly.

LRC has eight tinnies & eight motors numbered 1 to 9 (there is no number 4).
Every tinny has a complete set of operating & safety equipment all numbered to their respective tinny.
If two tinnies are on a trolley, the upper tinny must be lifted off the lower tinny. Sliding the upper tinny off damages the electrics.
Only use the correct motor on its tinny i.e. motor 5 goes on tinny 5.
Connect the battery charge cable every time.
Ensure the bung is in.
Place stern light pole gently into its holder. A screw on the side of the pole at the bottom fits into a slot in the holder. Do not insert the pole any other way. Do not force.

Every tinny must have:

  • Three lights operating in darkness (port, starboard, white stern light)
  • One life jacket per occupant
  • Anchor
  • Paddle
  • Boat pack containing bailer, torch (with batteries) & whistle

Some important points to note:

  • If any operating or safety equipment is missing, the tinny is not to be used. DO NOT take missing equipment from another tinny – that just leaves the other tinny incomplete.
  • A life jacket must be worn when boating alone.
  • During darkness, everyone in a tinny must wear a life jacket.
  • Every motor has a red plastic kill switch cord that plugs into the kill switch. The other end of the cord must be clipped to the tinny driver (wrapped around your wrist).
  • The anchor is connected to the bow of the tinny with an anchor rope. The anchor & anchor rope stay in their container unless used as an anchor. Do not use this rope for any other purpose.
  • There is also a painter rope connected to the bow of each tinny. The painter is to be used to tie the tinny to the pontoon or the trolley.
  • If excess water gets in the stern check it has not filled up the battery case. Empty immediately & flush with fresh water if on the contacts.
  • The normal rules of the river including keep to the right apply equally to rowing boats & to tinnies. Tinnies must also observe all speed & wash regulations.
  • Switch lights off on return. Remove the stern light pole from its holder & return it to its clips.
  • Disconnect the charging cable if removing the motor. Screw the protection cap back onto the motor plug.
  • When disconnecting the fuel line from the motor do not let the end fall into the salt water in the boat.
  • Clean up the tinny after use, do not leave rubbish in the tinny. Drain all water from the tinny & replace the bung.
  • If you have used a life jacket from the boat pack, return it after use.
  • LRC has four trollies for eight tinnies. If your tinny is the first tinny on a trolley, the motor must be removed so another tinny can go on top.
  • When stacking one tinny on another, take care not to crush the lights. Position the tinnies so that there is not too much weight at the handle; this makes it easier to manoeuvre the trolley.
  • Flush the motor every time it is put away & wash off excess salt. Flushing means sliding the rabbit ears over the water inlets on the bottom of the motor, & running the motor until all fuel is used.
  • The motor’s tell-tale water jet must be operating during flushing. If there is no tell-tail, then the motor is NOT flushing & IS overheating – switch off the motor immediately to prevent permanent damage.
  • The cause of the missing tell-tail may be that the rabbit ears are not correctly positioned, or that there is insufficient water pressure (too many hoses on at once).
  • Report all tinny issues via the maintenance card system, not on the white board.
  • If you do not understand any of this instruction or have any questions, contact the Club Captain or the Club Property Masters.

Captain’s Log

It’s getting dark (too dark to see)

Time to change your batteries. It is dangerous with low lighting. Remember, no lights no row!
We are replacing the pontoon lights this week.
If you are driving a tinny you MUST wear a life jacket. No excuses. If you don’t, the Captain will not allocate you a tinny next time.
You are also required to connect the red KILL SWITCH CORD to your wrist.

Safety first.

Learn To Row

Starts this weekend – 7 crews. Orientation Saturday at 8.30am. First row Sunday 8.30am.
Please be courteous or keep out of the way.
This is an important fund raising event for the club.

New Storage for our boats

With the addition of 7 new boats for Pymble and 4 for Leichhardt I am rearranging the shed. I will be moving some of the labels this weekend to enable us to fit everything in. Several boats will be retired at the same time – Lowrey, Balcony Boys, Bright Waters to start.

In 2 weeks Pymble will be finished for the season. Their eights will be sectioned and stored safely allowing our

Sydney Uni Colleges

We have 5 university colleges training out of Leichhardt for their inter-collegiate competition. All members are joining the club as guest members. Most of their training will be well outside your training times. Please make them feel welcome. Their crew’s photos will be up on the board shortly.

Boat damage: What to do

  • If you damage a boat or find that a boat has a problem, your first responsibility is to attempt to fix it yourself.
  • LRC does not have club tools. All members are required to provide their own tools to maintain their boats.
  • Any maintenance issues are to be reported on a maintenance card and deposited in the card box which is on the back wall near the fire escape exit.
  • A maintenance issue requires:

Date and name of boat (or tinny number)
Nature of maintenance issue with sufficient details to allow the repairer to find the problem
Your phone number so the repairer can call you for more details if required

  • The white board is not to be used for maintenance issues. The white board is used to communicate with external boat repairers.
  • LRC carries a large range of spare parts in the office. If you cannot find a particular spare part, report exactly what you need on a maintenance card.

Steven Duff

Drummoyne regatta entries

Due this Friday. No recreationals allowed.

Diary dates

  • Sat 7 March, ­ Learn to row orientation
  • Sat 7 March, ­ AAGPS Head of the river ­ SIRC
  • Sun 8 March, ­ Schoolgirl Head of the River ­ SIRC
  • Sun 15 March, ­ Drummoyne regatta ­ Iron Cove
  • Sun 29 March, ­ Learn to row mini regatta and BBQ ­ Iron Cove
  • 23 to ­29 March, ­ Sydney International Rowing Regatta