This Week @ LRC – 6 July 2018

Annual General Meeting – early notice

The AGM for 2018 will be held at the club at 10.00am on Sunday August 26th. All members are most welcome but voting is restricted by our Constitution to Life Members and Competitive Members who are financial, over 18 years old and who are not probationary.

To provide clarity, a list of eligible voting members will be prepared and made available at the door. Members who wish to vote will have their names ticked off on arrival and will be provided in return with ballot papers. The cut-off date for the payment of fees to allow members to vote has been set by the Committee at 6pm on 22nd August. In other words, if you try to pay fees on the 23rd, your fees will be gratefully accepted but you will not be eligible to vote.

One purpose of the AGM is to elect the new Committee for next year. Some members of the current Committee are retiring after their three year term in accordance with the constitution. There are multiple candidates for some positions and no candidates for others.

If you are interested in standing as a candidate for an office on the Committee, you are particularly referred to cl. 13-17 of the Constitution and also invited to discuss your interest with the President, Club Captain or any other member of the current Committee.

In particular, any nomination for a candidate as an office bearer of the Committee must be:

  1. made in writing;
  2. signed by two members of the club entitled to vote;
  3. accompanied by the written consent of the candidate (which may be endorsed on the form of nomination) and
  4. delivered to the secretary of the club not less than 10 days before the date fixed for the holding of the annual general meeting at which the election is to take place

To nominate you should use the form available online.

Here is a list of current nominations for the Season 18/19 Committee

  • President – Steven Duff
  • Vice President – Dean Patterson
  • Captain – Tim Byrne
  • Vice captain men – Greg Norman
  • Vice captain women – Hannah Smith
  • Vice captain juniors – Alex Lowe
  • Secretary – Richard Coleman, Sandra Triulzi
  • Assistant Secretary – Heidi Parkes
  • Treasurer – Anna Cicognani
  • Assistant Treasurer – Simon Miller
  • Property Manager – David Cowlishaw
  • Regatta Secretary – Pravin Radhakrishnan
  • Committee member-position unassigned  – Bob Kelsall (boats)
  • Committee member-position unassigned – vacant

For any further information please consult the constitution.


Membership Fees – reminder

If you have not received your invoice yet, please contact Treasury at ASAP.
Fees are due now for the 2018/19 season.
Also please remember to register with RNSW if you wish to compete and renew you rack fees if you have a private boat and have not done so (and you are terribly late if so!).


LUOR Lunch Invitation

All members of LRC are cordially invited to the 72nd Annual Reunion and Luncheon of The Leichhardt Union of Old Rowers (LUOR) at the clubhouse on Sunday 22nd July commencing at 11.30am.  Your families are welcome and children are free. See below in the attached Newsletter for Luncheon costs.


Corporate Volunteers

The Corporate season is almost upon us. All of August will see the pontoon full of happy new rowers and potential new members. Some volunteers have put up their hand but we need many more. Please let Justin know if you are prepared to help with coxing, rowing, coaching, catering.


Lost Property

Still quite a bit hanging around – please pick up your lost gear and especially look in the lost drinking bottles basket.


Treasures From Home

All members are asked not to bring unwanted furniture or bric-a-brac to the Club. We do not want it. There is barely enough room for the items we do want. Recently someone has added a gym bench & weights to our already over crowded gym area. Now we will just have to dispose of them.

So when you wife or husband says “get it out of the house” that doesn’t mean take it to the Club!


Masters in paradise – Vanuatu regatta

from Andrew Mackenzie, Secretary, Port Vila Rowing Club

The Vanuatu rowing association is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and we are inviting your Rowing Club to come and participate in the Masters in Paradise (MIP) Regatta in October 2018. Located on the beautiful Erakor Lagoon, a protected 4km natural rowing venue, the Port Vila Rowing club boasts a fleet of racing sculls and sweep oared boats and an energetic local rowing community. Masters in Paradise has been both a competitive and fun event with crews coming from Australia and New Zealand and for the first time in 2017 a rower from Switzerland. In fact, Marco, from Switzerland, had such a good time that he is returning in 2018.

MIP is most definitely the rowing holiday of the year! Our typical itinerary is as follows: Wednesday to Saturday is free time to visit some of the great sights of Vanuatu. From Port Vila, you can take a day trip to Pele Island, or climb the recently extinct Nguna Volcano. The adventurous may want to fly the 45minute trip to Tanna to climb Yasur, one of the most accessible active volcanoes in the world. You can fly north to Santo to visit stunning Champagne beach or Port Orley, snorkel at million dollar point, or SCUBA on one of the best WWII wrecks in the Pacific; the troop carrier, President Coolidge. Alternatively, you are welcome to get into racing gear and come to the club in the mornings to take a boat out for a training paddle on the lagoon. Saturday afternoon, you will be taken on a tour of Erakor lagoon on the floating saloon for cocktails and course orientation and hosted by our PVRC rowing ambassadors. Following the cruise is the opening ceremony, welcome function and lighting of the torch (Vanuatu style) at the Port Vila Rowing Club.

Accommodation packages are provided at the Ramada Resort on the lagoon. Your rooms overlook the regatta finish line. You can literally walk out of your room and into your boat. Sunday starts early with the first races beginning around 730am. The sculling boats (singles and doubles and quad) will be raced as divisions with prizes (wooden carved fruit bats, salu salu necklaces and locally make jewellery) awarded to the winners after each event.

Races include age, mixed and novice (for competitors who have rowed for less than 1 year). The last race of the morning will be the international eights heat between Australia and Vanuatu to compete against the defending champions NZ.

A buffet lunch on the rower’s terrace will be followed by big boat racing and finals for the Vanuatu corporate regatta, and of course the penultimate race of the day, the eights final between the winner of the eights heat to wrestle the Head of the Lagoon trophy off the Kiwis. The ‘terrace’ will open next to the rower’s terrace soon after lunch and as rowers complete their day of racing, can retire to tell stories of regatta greatness and what could have been (with a few more hours of training under the belt).

Sunday is far more genteel – rowers will be invited to enter the tour de lagoon. The race is a time trial format over a 4km circuit past some special watery scenery, including Erakor village. First boats usually leave at 9:30am after a buffet breakfast. You can form crews with new friends or settle some scores from the previous day’s hard racing. That evening you will all be invited to the gala dinner and presentation of the Head of the Lagoon trophy and the corporate regatta winners. Prince Phillip, the voice of Vanuatu will entertain us with live music and dancing into the wee hours. Monday you can join a round island tour for those who still have energy. The tour includes swimming stops, nature walks, hot springs, Taka kastom village, and lunch at the MOST elegant little restaurant on Efate. Otherwise take a walk into Port Vila and visit the new Seafront and Market Houses to stock up on handmade baskets, sun hats, carvings and famous Tanna coffee.
For further details please visit our website (, or our Facebook page (Masters in Paradise 2018 ) or through our Australian agent at or our New Zealand agent at

We would be very grateful if you would post this registration information and the attached poster at your club house. A hard copy can be provided on request.

We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful Vanuatu.



  • 15 July, Sunday – #4 JB Sharp, Balmain
  • 22 July, Sunday – LUOR Lunch
  • 29 July, Sunday – #5 JB Sharp, LRC – presentations
  • 26 August, Sunday – AGM, 10am at the Club
  • 1 September, Saturday – Corporate regatta
  • 8 September, Saturday – Lane Cove Head, 4+ and 8+ only, 6.5km
  • 15 September, Saturday – indoor rowing championships, DRC
  • 16 September, Sunday – Head of the Nepean (big boats), 5km
  • 22 September, Head of the Shoalhaven, 6.5km


Leichhardt Union of Old Rowers – Newsletter, July 2018

from Steve Jaques

If you are one of the many new Social / Recreational or Junior club members the following brief statement helps to explain who LUOR is and what we do:  Formerly known as the Leichhardt Union of Ex-Rowers until May 2008, when it was clear that rowers might get old – but they just never stop rowing or wishing they could!

The LUOR is a supporter group of the Club which holds regular functions and events aimed at creating opportunities for rowers of all ages to get together socially for fun and fund raising. LUOR has provided the club with financial assistance, boats and equipment on many occasions in the past.

New Members Needed

Currently the LUOR membership is getting a bit thin on the ground and it is time to enlist your support and encourage more LRC members to join us and keep the traditions of LUOR and the club alive.  We would love to see lots of club Masters crews and Recreational rowers attend our Sunday 22 nd July Reunion Luncheon.  At present our membership consists of about 30-40 past members mostly those who rowed at Leichhardt, some over 50 years ago, but still have an interest in the club and its continued growth and successes.  A smaller group – our committee – consists of about 6 life members but only 4 of them are still active in the club as coaches and the odd masters rower.  We desperately need your support and attendance at the next LUOR reunion luncheon on Sunday 22nd of July.  It would be fantastic to see as many new faces as possible come along and join the older members relive the past performances and greater glory of the club.

We only hold one reunion function a year in the off season – winter months, as this allows us to not interfere with training schedules and competition regattas. We always have a guest speaker who will entertain the members with past club history stories or other interesting careers. Sometimes topics may be about the shadier side of Sydney’s criminal history and notable characters which always makes for an interesting gathering while enjoying a great lunch and some refreshments. Also members should hear about our past members and club history such as the stories behind the A.I.F. Great War Honour Roll, displayed in the club Lobby and deceased members from World War 1 including Tom McGill and Harold Hauenstein our first Olympian or the historic Kings Cup oar mounted on the East wall in the club gym area.

All funds raised are fed back to the club to provide financial assistance, with boats and equipment or other specific needs.

Our Guest Speaker:

Our special guests speaker this year will be Steve Roll, Life Member – often seen but possibly not known by many. Steve will give us a look into his lifetime career associated with rowing and dwell on a few special events that have highlighted his career so far.

Fund Raising: LUOR “400” Club Draw #29

Due to the success of our past 400 Club Draws, this years prize, to be drawn at our Annual Reunion on Sunday 22nd July is worth $400 Cash to the winner. Hopefully with the support of all club and LUOR members and friends this will continue to be a successful way to raise finances so that we can continue to assist the club to add boats, oars, club upgrades and training equipment etc. Over the last 20+ years of its existence the old “400 Club Draw” with the support of our members has been very good and has enabled us to provide a large amount of equipment to the club. Some of our contributions  have been: $15K to Septic System, Initial sets of tables and table cloths, crockery & cutlery, PA System, Bain Marie and trays, replaced kitchen oven, 3 x Ergs, half cost of 2 x junior Coxed Quads, 3 x Sculls, 1 x new Quad (T. McGill) and 1 x new 8 HP Tinny motor.

Only with your continued support can we carry on this important work.  Tickets in the draw only cost $20 each with all the proceeds going to the club.  Tickets can be obtained from Steve Jaques or Dave Bodell at the club on weekends or whenever you see them at the shed  Or by contacting them by phone (see contact numbers below).  It will also be possible to purchase tickets prior to the draw on the day of the Luncheon Reunion.

The draw will be made at our reunion luncheon.  If the winner is not present on the day we will notify them by phone in the following week. Please support your club & buy some tickets.

COSTS: Our wonderful gourmet lunch: $25 (juniors $15)

“400” Club Draw Ticket – $20

Annual Report:  A brief report on the status of the LUOR will be followed by our (culinary delights) hot buffet gourmet lunch.

To assist with our catering arrangements please contact Dave Bodell or Steve Jaques to confirm attendance – see below.  


President:   Steve Jaques  (T: 9568 3163)  Email:

Treasurer:  Bern Story  (T: 9809 3337)  Email:

Secretary: Tony Potter (T: 9592 3258)  Email:


All of the LUOR committee can be contacted by post:

C/- LRC, PO Box 3, Leichhardt NSW  2040 

LUOR members in 2011