Coaching Juniors

If any member would like to volunteer to assist coaching the juniors on Saturdays and or Sunday mornings (7-9.30) during school terms, your help would be greatly appreciated.
It’s really rewarding and fun and your enthusiasm would make a great contribution to the club.
If you are able to help, don’t be shy and let Geoff Rich know.

Boat Bookings, Fleet Status and Black Boats

Please ensure your boat booking is lodged by 5:00pm on Thursdays. Boat allocations will be posted online/notice board by Saturday morning.

Due to a recent increase in accidents the task of tracking damage has become onerous. Any damage, either small or large needs to be reported to Bob and the Captain via All incidents will be noted and tracked to allow members to check the status of the boat repairs and to ensure the boat is rowable.

A list of people responsible for each particular boat will also be noted.

A reminder that an excess of $500 may be issued to the crew to pay in case of damage. Your crew may also be requested not to row black boats if you are a black boat member. Remember, it’s not the sole responsibility of the Bow Seat to check for obstacles – any member of the crew is as responsible as each the other – you are a team and will be treated accordingly.

Black Boat Members

All members wishing to be black boat rowers has now been compiled. If you are not on this list you should not be rowing black boats. Use of higher grade boats should be limited to crews wishing to compete and training for this purpose. Rowing black boats is a privilege that is earned, not a right. Members who row black boats are expected to help maintain these boats whilst still teaching new members how to maintain green boats.

Three documents are on the boat bookings page:

Boat, Ergs & Tinny Bookings

Please make sure to have a look at these documents before jumping into a boat.


Thanks to those who loaded the first trailer and to Justin who is driving it up for the Junior Camp.

Loading the 2nd trailer will be on Thursday 12 January @ 5:30am.

Remember that at least half your crew is to be present at both unloading and loading.

  • Seats are to be secured in the boat, with either the straps that are in boats (Sykes/Filippi and Hudson) or with hockey straps. Seats should not be removed unless absolutely necessary.
  • Bungs are to be removed and placed in a bag. If a boat is left in the sun the bung can expand and cause damage. Typically there are only two sizes of bungs so they should be straight forward to refit.
  • Please make sure you check the document held by your squad captain to confirm your race entries and boat allocations have been completed.
  • Juniors camp from today – The first trailer left this morning, and boat bookings will be adjusted accordingly. Please be understanding if your preferred boat has left already

Good luck to all competing members and remember to come along to the dinner on the Saturday night.

Please confirm your attendance on the Facebook page so that numbers can be finalised.


  • Fri-Sun 13-15 Jan 2017 – Taree Summer Regatta
  • Sat 28 Jan 2017 – RNSW Small Boats Regatta
  • Fri 3 Feb 2017 – U21 Twilight Regatta #4
  • Sat 4 Feb 2017 – Pymble Ladies College Regatta
  • Sat 4 Feb 2017 – Lake Macquarie Rowing Club
  • Sun 5 Feb 2017 – NRRA Age Championships
  • Sun 5 Feb 2017 – Endeavour Rowing Club
  • Sun 5 Feb 2017 – Balmain Rowing Club Regatta
  • Fri-Sun 10-12 Feb 2017 – NSW Rowing Championships