Captain’s Log

Head of the Yarra Wrap

Well done to all 7 eights who put themselves through 8.6km of Yarra racing. It is a great way to build our fitness for the coming season. Next year will be the tenth consecutive time LRC has entered in the event. With a bit more preparation (especially from the Avians) we should start pulling off some wins. Full results are available and official pictures can be seen here.

YY HOTY 13 cupboardSpecial thanks to Yarra Yarra Rowing Club for inviting us to their Club for dinner Saturday night after the event. It was after dinner that we learnt we had won our second trophy for the season winning the point score between our Clubs. We brought the trophy back with us … leaving a big hole in their cabinet.

Regrettably though, we lost the “sculling boat races” – 3 to 0. In all my years of sculling I have never seen such refined analysis of a beer from some of our members. I expect a full report on the vintage and crop location of the beer sculled by Sarah Norris and Justin Milne in the office by next Monday. Once again, more training required.

We have an album of photos on Facebook. If you would like yours added, please send them to

Christmas Party – Saturday 21 December

A big thanks to the 25 members who have already brought in a wrapped present for the Christmas Party. We really need the rest of you to do the same. It can be anything. Now is a good time to give back that present from last year you can’t use. Put the gifts in the red Santa Sack in the office. I will keep emptying it as we go.

Make sure you also buy a ticket. Friends (non-rowing), family, boyfriends etc all welcome. Tickets available from Sophie H, Heidi, Paul, Alex, Angela, Peter G, Simon and Steven.


Boat Racks

A few boats are being relocated to accommodate new acquisitions. I will be moving the labels as we go and then updating the wall map. Please look and put your boat back where the label is now located. Christiaan has organised for the corroded racks to be regalvanised. They should be back this weekend. I will re-attach the labels as soon as the racks are reattached.

Race Entries

Remember to plan your race entries well in advance with your coach/coordinator. See the LRC website for our Competition and Regatta Entry Policies to understand the required timings. Also note that they detail the number of races a rower can enter into in one day before extra fees apply. The aim of this is to make sure competitors are physically at their best to have the greatest chance of winning and to allow other members access to boats. No more than 3x2km and 4x1km events are recommended. Exceptions can apply and are subject to the Selection Committee’s approval.

Diary dates

Sat 7 Dec – Reindeer regatta SIRC
Sun 8 Dec – NSW Sprint Championships SIRC
Sat 21 Dec – Christmas party
Fri-Sun 10-12 Jan – Taree Summer regatta
9-12 October 2014 – World rowing masters regatta, Ballarat

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend and keep safe on the water.