Nationals 2015

Captain’s Log


What a way to complete the season – 4 days at SIRC in the National Masters. Great work by all the competing members, in particular the ones who brought home the “chocolates”. Out of 112 competing clubs Australia wide we were the 14th most successful.

WC4- Composite Daniela Borgert 1st
WF4x Composite Sandy Rourke, Anne Parbury, Angela Conry 1st
WF2- Anne Parbury, Angela Conry 1st
WF2- Club Anne Parbury, Angela Conry 1st
MixF-G4X Composite Sandy Rourke 1st
MixF-G2x Composite Sandy Rourke 1st
MF8+ Club David Ross, Rob Tiley, Brian Davis, Dean Patterson, Rob Neal, Tim Clare, Tim Tindale, Steven Duff, Edoardo Wayland 1st
WC8+ Club Deanna Fekete, Virginia Van Ewyk, Leslie Howatt, Dianne Williams, Christine Seeliger, Anna Cico, Lizz French, Sarah Moxon 1st
WF2x Composite Sandy Rourke 2nd
MixA-B2x Composite Matthew Bourke 2nd
MixD8+ Composite Sandy Rourke 2nd
MixF-G4x Composite Tim Tindale 2nd
WISD4x Composite Angela Conry 2nd
WC4- Composite Daniela Borgert 3rd
WC8+ Composite Daniela Borgert 3rd
WF1x Anne Parbury 3rd
MF8+ David Ross, Rob Tiley, Brian Davis, Dean Patterson, Rob Neal, Tim Clare, Tim Tindale, Steven Duff, Edoardo Wayland 3rd
MH8+ Composite David Lieberman 3rd
WISD8+ Composite Daniela Borgert 3rd


Kerry Thorn is taking some time off next season from the Juniors. She will no longer be the Juniors Coordinator. Since running the program over the past 6 seasons she has achieved some remarkable results and earned a lot of respect from the participants. We will still see her regularly working on her own rowing and bossing Frank around. Well done and thankyou Kerry, from all of us.
Charlie and I will be presenting the new structure and coaching identities to the group in August. In the meantime we are encouraging the Juniors to participate in cross training at school or with us on the weekends.

Maritime: Keeping safe

Maritime is making a big push on the rowing clubs to ensure safety is a priority. All rowing boats will be fined if they do not have 2 lights in good working order. I have purchased lots of batteries and at 3 for $1 you would have to be an idiot not to be well lit.

Tinnies are in their sights as well. We received a fine this week because the stern light was too low and the pea in the whistle was a dud. Remember to have your jacket on and only take out tinnies with good working lights.

The tinny light poles telescope so that the light is higher than the tinny driver and can be seen from 360 degrees. Before inserting the light pole, extend the light pole to its full length and tighten the connection.

Each light pole has two connecting pin holes in its base, and the fitting in the tinny has two vertical pins that fit into these holes. DO NOT SCREW THE POLE IN OR YOU WILL BREAK THE PINS!!

The light pole has a metal screw head protruding from the side of the pole near the base. The screw head fits into a groove in the internal side of the fitting. Before inserting the light pole in the fitting, line up the screw head on the pole with the groove in the fitting and insert the pole vertically. DO NOT USE EXCESSIVE FORCE!! If the pole does not go into the fitting easily then you have not lined it up correctly.

There is a black plastic wedge fitting that slides on the light pole that wedges the light pole into the fitting. After the light pole has been inserted and the light turned on, insert this wedge fitting.

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that careless use of equipment causes damage that is expensive and time consuming to repair. The property team are heartily sick of people who do not take care of the equipment.

LRC has been fined by Maritime for the rear white lights on the tinnies. Some lights do not work; others are not high enough and are obstructed by the tinny operator.
All tinnies are fitted with a rear white light pole and connecting fitting installed in the tinny. Most fittings are broken, and have been broken by incorrect use. Every tinny will be inspected and repaired on Wednesday 10 June.

Steven Duff

Note from the President: LRC Committee Vacancies – AGM

The season is past and your Committee is now working on our various fund raising activities and the AGM to finish the year off. At this year’s AGM we have a number of Committee members ineligible to nominate for their current roles as their 3 years will have elapsed. This includes myself as your President, Doreen Borg as Secretary, Jan McClelland as Assistant Secretary, Belinda Brigham as Vice-Captain Women and Sandy Rourke as Assistant Treasurer. In addition, Justin Milne has advised he will not be re-nominating as Vice President or for the Committee next year due to pressures of business commitments and Steven Duff will not be re-standing as Club Captain.

I will be formally thanking my committee colleagues at the AGM, but these departures mean your Club needs a number of people to come forward and stand for election to the Committee. I welcome all member enquiries about getting more involved and invite questions about what you can bring to the Clubs management. Information on each of the Committee roles is on the website, as is my phone number, I look forward to many of you stepping forward.

Charles Bartlett

RNSW Presentation dinner on Tuesday

RNSW Presentation night is on Tuesday 16 June at the UTS Rowing Club. The LRC Committee is organising a table. Anyone wishing to go contact Steve. Cost is $70.


  • Awards night Saturday 13/6: $20 to cover dinner. So go online now buy your tickets and reserve a table for your crew
  • First JB Sharp on Sunday 14/6 on Iron Cove, open to all members, but mainly for novices. No need to register. Turn up at the start with your crew. Ask your coach for details.
  • Boat Rally – Sunday 21/6: $10 to enter. All rowers in mixed eights. Just like a car rally but on the water.
  • Saturday 1/8: Orientation for New Members: It is important that you come to one. Reserve the date.
  • Coaches are needed in August for the corporate challenge and Learn to row.
  • Trivia Night – Date TBC in Winter. Silent Auction items required. Helpers wanted. Email to

Diary dates

  • Sat 13 June – LRC Awards night 6.30pm
  • Sun 14 June – JB Sharp series begins
  • Tues 16 June – NSW Rowing Presentation dinner
  • Sun 21 June – Boat rally
  • Sat 1 Aug – New member orientation