This Week @ LRC – 5 July 2019

Royal Henley 2019 started this week

Corporate Regatta

We currently have about 10 crews for this year’s Corporate Event. Hopefully we can secure more in the next few weeks. Their training commences on August 3rd (orientation) and the event is at SIRC on Saturday 31st.

We need more crews. If you can get your business or one you know to enter a crew it is one of the best ways you can support your club. These funds are vital to enable us to update our fleet. Justin is doing the “marketing” and contacting Companies interested in putting a crew in. Please look hard into your businesses and see if you can put a crew together; then contact Justin and he can follow up with the right information.

We need coaches and some coxes. If you can help please email so we can lock in a crew for you. Send him your availability as well so we can try to match it with a crew.

You would normally do 4 weeks of 2 sessions per week with the group. It’s is very rewarding and vital for the Club’s finances.

Membership invoices

All invoiced have been sent. If you think you have missed out, please email

If you wish to change your membership class, please contact the Treasurer ASAP.

Just as a reminder, as a Recreational rower you can only row in the weekend. If you have not updated your membership class yet, you will not be able to row during the week – even if you have not officially renewed your membership yet.

If you wish to race, you MUST also be a member of RNSW from now on (this includes JB Sharp series). Renew your membership as a Metropolital Competitor (or Junior) on the RNSW Website.

WebMaster Needed

We are actively seeking a volunteer to maintain and enhance the Website. WordPress backend experience needed (no coding required). Please contact Anna Cico if you can help. Training available!

Tinnies Equipment

Margaret Bailey has organised everything so that we are now legal when using one of our tinnies.

You probably have noticed our petrol cupboard is now just inside the roller door and there is a set of shelves next to it for the Kit Bags.
The new process is as follows:

  • All fuel and kit bags must be returned to the cupboard and shelves after use each time.
  • Only the anchor, paddle and light stay in the boat.
  • The kit bag contains 2 life jackets and all the emergency stuff you need.
  • Extra life jackets are on the shelves if needed.
  • Make sure all equipment goes back in the bag when you return it.

AGM Preliminary Notice

The AGM will be held at the Club on 18 August at 10am. Only those who have been Competitive members (and life members) from before 1 July 2018 and financial by 11 August 5pm will be able to vote, but everyone is welcome to attend. Formal notice will be sent shortly.

Defibrillator Training – 11th July @ 6.30pm

Do you know what to do in an event where someone has collapsed and needs CPR using a Defibrillator? Whilst we never want to be in this situation, it would be good to be prepared for the ‘just in case’. So come along to a training session to be held at the club.

The session will go for approximately 1 hour and will cover the following:

  • What is cardiac arrest, what is CPR and how CPR and a defibrillator help can save a life;
  • How to recognise the warning signs of a cardiac arrest;
  • Stay calm and dial 000;
  • How to assess the area for safety, assess the patient and determine if you should use an AED;
  • How to buy time for the victim by performing CPR until the AED arrives;
  • How the AED Product works; • How to attach AED pads correctly and how to use the defibrillator effectively and safely;
  • How to follow safety protocols to protect the user and bystanders;
    How to deal with unusual situations (such as a victim lying in water);
  • How to perform CPR in conjunction with the defibrillator; and
  • Defibrillator general care and maintenance.
    It costs nothing to attend but could save a life in the future. See Daniela for more info. If you would like to attend please put your name on list.


  • 14 July – JB Sharp #4, Balmain
  • 21 July – LUOR Annual Reunion Lunch, at the Club
  • 28 July – JB Sharp #5, LRC
  • 3 August – Boat maintenance day #3
  • 18 August – AGM, 10am
  • 7 September – Trivia Night
  • 2 November – Boat maintenance day #4