Angel Fournier Rodriguez, from Cuba. One of the crowd's favourites

Angel Fournier Rodriguez, from Cuba. One of the crowd’s favourites, looking forward to Rio

State Championships

A few of our best rowers will be competing in the State Championships in a few weeks’ time. Their coaches will be adjusting the rigging on a few boats to suit the particular rowers to maximise their chances. These boats will be highlighted on the roster and will be allocated to these crews in preference to other non competing black rowers.

LRC Hosted Regatta

LRC will host a grade regatta on Iron Cove on Sunday 28th Feburary.
The Club will need volunteers. In addition, the Committee will assign tasks to crews and those crews will be responsible to execute them. When LRC hosts a regatta, all members are asked to help, so save the date and make sure you are available.

Regatta Entries

As a few people now have access to enter their own crews in regattas, please make sure you do not miss the deadlines. No entries will be accepted after closing. Calendar of regattas is on the RNSW site, together with deadlines for entries.
The entries must be in 24h before the closing time so the Captain and Women’s Vice Captain can approve or reject them.
For away regattas, preference will be given to competitive crews due to lack of boats and clashes.


Members using the gym are leaving weights on the bars after their sessions. This is very dangerous. Have a bit of thought for our younger and older members who want to use the gym after you.
It is very easy for the bar to tip when one weight is removed causing injury to the user. All weights should be replaced on the racks after use, not on the floor either.
Consider it part of your program.

Closing up

Lately members have been coming down at night time to use the gym, and the Captain has discovered the shed wide open, alarm off and nobody in sight. Tinnies on the pontoon, roller doors up etc…. The Captain will check with Michael from Pymble to see it is not his coaches but some of our members are just as likely to be guilty.
Be responsible. It is your club too.

Check the roller doors are down and all the trolleys are in, windows closed on the deck and lights off.
You may not have been the one causing the issue but if you are last out then it is your responsibility to fix everything up.

Boat License

Please see Margaret Bailey for more information about the upcoming boat licence course.

Equipment Away

On Tuesday morning the Rod Richardson riggers were on the wrong rack and the oars lying on the concrete. As the Rod is a BLACK boat it must have been one of our better crews. If the Captain catches the crew who did this, they will be in GREEN boats for the rest of their membership.

New LRC Gear

For those who have ordered the new LRC gear from the Regatta Shop, the order is not far away and we are expecting it any day.
For those who do not know what this is about… check out the range.