yarra 14

Head Of The Yarra

From the President, Charles Bartlett

The Head of the Yarra has come and gone for another season.

This year 8 LRC crews attended, all keen to push themselves over the 8.6km in a test of endurance and teamwork. We had some highs and lows. The low was coming home without the trophy, but the highs were spread amongst the crews which all had special moments over the weekend. We had a good attendance at the Saturday night dinner and reports suggest a good time was had by all.

Congratulations should go to our fastest crew: the Men’s E eight (Avians) which was 2nd in its category – again!

Also the Rex 8 which covered the course in their fastest time ever. Proof in itself that they are doing something right.

All our women crews had strong rows which left them well satisfied with their efforts. One of our women’s C and young men’s crews both had sensational head to head challenges from their respective Yarra Yarra RC crews which I expect needs to be met with more force next year.

We also had two Recreational men’s crews which had their own competition for line honours. Let’s just say not everyone agrees the better crew won!

Thanks to Justin and Dave Ross for boat towing, and to all LRC rowers who had a go.

If you have photos that you’d like to add to our Facebook page, please send them to ACico.

Boat Loading and Unloading

In future we will be carrying out boat loading between 4.30pm and 7pm Friday afternoons for a normal away regatta.

Competing rowers are expected to prepare their allocated boats prior to this time and have the equipment ready for a quick loading process, under the supervision of a committee member with a checklist so that we don’t forget anything.

Boat loading and unloading is not only about making sure your own boat is loaded, but helping others, in the spirit of the Club, and making it a quick task as we all have other things to attend to.

If you are in a crew, you can decide who will attend, but you should at least have enough people to be able to prepare and load and unload your boats, especially in the case of the eights.

A reminder that when we need to load the trailer(s) for away regattas, competitors are required to come to boat loading until boat loading is finished. That is true for unloading as well, after regattas. Coaches, please remind your squads of this.

Captain’s log

Boat repairs required

John Foley is coming to the shed next Wednesday. Please report any holes, chips or damage to captain@lrc.com.au for the boats you use by Monday.

Getting it right: Be tidy

I am just about at my wits’ end with members putting equipment back wherever they feel inclined: on the floor, in the closest rack, backwards, on the pontoon, on the stairs … Other than amputation my next option is to limit offenders’ availability to the boats they request. I am now looking for a few examples to test my emotions.
While I am in the mood:

  1. Can you please all use the towel racks Matt installed for the yellow cloths? The floor, slings or tinnies are not their homes.
  2. Outboard motors are to be stored on a trolley or the top tinny in each set – NOT ON THE FLOOR! Who is doing this??? Motors cost a lot of money and need to be cared for properly. There are enough trolleys and racks for all the motors.
  3. Boats must be put back in the correct labelled rack the right way around. If another boat is in the rack then move it and get things back in order. A new member went for a row while we were down in Victoria last weekend and said nothing was in its labelled place. My head dropped with a sigh!
  4. Bob has installed 2 rows of hooks along the eastern fence for rowers to hang their bags, rather than toss valuables on the floor. Please use or look for your things in the bin after each row.

Christmas Party on Saturday 13 December

Only 8 more sleeps till the LRC Christmas Party. Please bring your friends and family along. It is always a great night. Lots of games to keep everyone entertained.
I also need 6 teams of 6 to compete in the major events – to see who can win Santa’s Sacks.

If you have a group, email me with your name and reserve a team slot. The committee has already taken one place – at least you know you won’t come last.

We need to know numbers by Monday 8th so Glen can finalise the catering.

For $25 adults and $15 students the evening is fully catered (but it is BYO). What a deal!

Buy online, see Lachlan, Belinda, Alex F or me or at the very least send me an email so we can finish off our planning. Out target is 200 seated!

Taree: 9-22 January

…is close. Make sure your race entry coordinator knows what you would like to do before Christmas.
Many are away for a few weeks so entries will be tricky. Help yourselves by being organised. Don’t leave it to someone else.

Recreational rowing this weekend

The Rich Classic is on this Sunday for the recreationals. It is a big row so make sure you have plenty of water and are lathered in sunblock.

Capt Steven Duff

Taree Accommodation

One standard twin room for 2 nights is available at:

42 Victoria Street
Taree NSW 2430
02 6552 2877

If anyone is interested in taking over this booking please ring Doreeen ASAP on 0419 691 742, or this booking will be cancelled.

Diary Dates

  • 6 Dec Saturday – RNSW Reindeer regatta – SIRC
  • 7 Dec Sunday – NSW Sprint championships – SIRC
  • 7 Dec Sunday – Rich Classic row for recreationals
  • 13 Dec Saturday – LRC Christmas party – buy your ticket now
  • 25 Dec Thursday – Xmas morning row