pymble 2016

Good Luck Pymble Girls and Leichardt Boys and Girls

It’s the SGHOTR and SBHOTR this weekend at SIRC.
Row well and bring home the Gold.

Boat Licence

If you have expressed interest in getting your boat licence to Margaret Bailey can you please fill out and return marine boat licence to Marine Rescue.

Evening Rowing

We have had several requests to commence an evening squad for those active members who start work at or before 7am during the week. If we get sufficient interest I will allocate a coach to the particular evenings so that we can have structured sessions.

From the replies so far the suggested evenings to start would be Tuesdays and Thursdays between 6.30pm and 8pm. If this is of some interest to you please email back to me ASAP and we can get underway (

Shed Cleaning Roster

A big thanks to the SABRES for keeping the shed and pontoon clean throughout February. It is now time to pass the baton (brooms) over to the March team.

Go for it Juniors. It is up to Lachlan Andrew your Vice Captain, to delegate the tasks as required. The goal is nothing on the floor in the shed and no poo on the pontoon!

Pontoon Etiquette

Things have been a little crazy in the mornings of late, and we need to smooth out and speed things up. Too much boat damage has occurred due to riggers getting caught in trestles and losing control of boats.

We are limiting the amount of trestles to 2 pairs per bay (10 for LRC). The pontoon is only wide enough for this number of boats to be out at one time.

Riggers and blades are to be collected first, do not put hands on your boat without a full crew or if there are 2 boats from your bay already out. You should also make sure that you are carrying / handling your boat with the amount of people in the boat, i.e. 2x/- needs 2, 4x/- needs 4 and an 8+ needs 8.

We also need to move quickly when returning to the pontoon and putting boats away. If you work as a crew washing and putting the boat away should take no more than 10 minutes. You can have a chat and debrief after your boat is away.

Remember LRC are to be clear of the pontoon by 5:20 and after 6:50 to allow PLC free use of pontoon.

Under Repair Signs

What do they mean? Some members interpret this as “only for my use” or “it looks ok to me”.
It actually means DO NOT USE!
Please do not use boats that are under repair so that our boat maintenance team can keep our fleet in as good as possible working order.

Learn To Row

Our next Learn to Row commences this Saturday. Sessions are between 8.30 and 10.30am for the next few weeks. Please be polite and lend a hand if you see newies in trouble.

A cox is needed for one of the crews, first session on Sunday 8:30 – 10:30, contact The Captain if you are available

Sydney Uni Colleges

You will notice several of the Sydney Uni colleges training in eights at the shed over the next 2 months. They have all signed up as Guest Members so please make them feel welcome.

They are training for their inter-collegiate regatta at SIRC. I am hoping that some enjoy being at Leichhardt and continue with our own squads after their event.

New Scull

Gerard Quinn has decided to let responsible club members use his scull in exchange for storage while he is unable to be at the club.

The scull has been named by Dean as SHAMROCK. It is a black boat for heavy weight rowers (over 85kg).

It will be stored where the One Eye was located. The One Eye has been relocated to the bottom rack beneath the Clare and Eddy. The Shamrock can be booked and is now on the Boat Allocation Sheet.

A new Boat Map will be coming out soon once Pymble has finished their season.

Premiers 14

This boat is being converted to coxed or coxless shortly by Race 1. Currently it can only be used as a 4+ or 4x+. Once work is complete it will be able to be used a 4+/- or 4x/x+. This means it will be similar to Premiers 07 and 09. This will give us far more flexibility at away regattas.