Yarra MMF8 2015

Wash up from Yarra

Congratulations to all those who competed in and completed Head of the Yarra. A great weekend was had by all with some excellent results for the Club. Particular mention goes to the Avians who after many (11) years of promise have finally WON their division (F and G Masters). A big congratulations to the crew of:

Charlie Bartlett
Tim Tindale
Tim Clare
Steve Duff
Rob Neal
Dean Patterson
Brian Davis
David Ross
Edoardo Wayland (cox)

Special mention to the Women’s Masters A-C and the Mixed 8+ crews who both came third in their divisions – both great results against some tough competition.
Of equal importance, LRC won the Yarra Yarra v LRC trophy we but we were a little disappointing in the Night Time Boat Races and once again left it behind in Melbourne. We have 11.5 months to put in more training. The final score was 2:0 to them. Thank goodness for the ANU girls who helped us out, otherwise it would have been worse.

We have sent our thanks to Yarra Yarra for hosting us once again for the dinner – maybe one day we will be able to return the favour when the ICC draws an interstate field!


Now that the HOTY is over we need to sort out our eights for storage.

We have 4 more eights than we have racks for. This means one will have to be stored outside and the other 3 in the roof. Until we either pass one on to a needy club or find a space in the roof we need to place the Billy outside.

Please always put all equipment and boats in their labelled positions.

Thanks BRO

Thanks very much to Wade Hewitt and Andrew Millikan who made it to the RNSW BRO information evening. RNSW were really grateful to have some LRC representation there at last.

It’s important for us to support RNSW and the running of regattas so if others are thinking about it, don’t be shy. Just RNSW to get started.

LRC Blazer

It appears that we have enough orders to start the process of getting our own club blazer made!

We may have started a trend as Drummoyne are getting in on the act and some of the other clubs too [Ed. I suggest a Bay Blazer dinner when we are all kitted out!].

There’s still time to put your name down so if you want to look your best at this year’s social functions just contact Justin (justin@cicomilne.com).

Taree reminder

Coaches and crews are reminded to plan for Taree and to let Steve know what events you are aiming for.

Dates to Remember

  • 5 Dec – Reindeer Regatta, SIRC
  • 6 Dec – NSW Sprint Championships, SIRC
  • 7 Dec – LRC Committee Meeting, LRC
  • 19 Dec – LRC Christmas Party