LTR Mar15

Learn To Row

Another successful program completed, thanks to our volunteers. A big thanks to Dean Patterson, Scott Patterson, David Ross, Mark Brooks, Adalita Young, Edoardo Wayland, Steve Roll, Doreen Borg, Sandra Triulzi, Stewart Martin, Zak Fitzgerald, the Recreational BBQ team and of course Heidi Parkes, the coordinator.

After a 5 race regatta with 7 crews we graduated 44 rowers into the fold. Many have also joined up as our new Juniors or Recreational Members.

This raised the best part of $15,800!

The next one is planned for Spring.

Recreational rowing on every day over Easter

Recreational Rowing is on all four days over Easter and normal arrangements apply. Be at the club ready to row at 6.30am.

Boat damage

Two of our BLACK sculls have been found with crush marks in their hulls. Someone has tightened them too “efficiently” with a boat tie on the trailer.
Whoever rows in them now will feel the boat undulating down the course.

The ties do not need to be over tightened. Never tighten them to the point you see the hull collapsing. If unsure how to do it, ask someone who knows.

Drummoyne Masters

Entries due now. Make sure you get them to your coach or coordinator by next Wednesday 8th April.

Register for tinny licence course – Wednesday 22 April

LRC has made it mandatory to hold a licence if you are driving a tinny.
The club has arranged for a tinny licence course at the club on Wednesday 22 April, from 5.30pm.
The cost of the course is $46. You will need to register. For more information refer to the website.

Final call for Anzac Day

If you want to row or help with the commemoration row on Anzac Day, then register now. This will be the final call. Deadline is 8 April.
We need some more helpers (ie coxes, tinny drivers, pontoon marshalls, security overnight, help with the BBQ breakfast etc).

If anyone can donate some rosemary for the ceremony please let Doreen know.

Club Orientation Day, 9 May

The next Orientation Day is on 9th May at 8.30am. It is important for all new members to attend. If you haven’t been to one yet then reserve the date and time. It last for 2 hours. “Old Members” who have not been to one are welcome to attend as well.

Maintenance Day 26th April

Details and tasks coming.

Daylight saving ends Sunday

Remember to turn back your clock by 1 hour on Saturday night and enjoy the extra hour lie-in.

Happy and safe Easter everyone

Diary dates

  • Wed 8/4 – Deadline for Anzac Day registrations
  • Sat 11-12/4 – NSW Edward Trickett Grade championships – SIRC
  • Sat 19/4 – Drummoyne Rowers Masters regatta – Iron Cove (Entries due by 8 April)
  • Wed 22/4 – Tinny licence course 5.30pm – LRC Club
  • Sat 25/4 – Anzac Day row and BBQ – 3.50am
  • Sun 26/4 – Maintenance morning
  • Sun 2/5 – Iron Cove Masters regatta – Iron Cove
  • Sat 9/5 – New members orientation – 8.30am