Drummoyne Masters Regatta, this Sunday

LRC is in conversation with Rowing NSW and the other Iron Cove Clubs regarding the use of our pontoon for their regattas. Until we have come to a mutual agreement over safety and manning issues we have all decided not to use LRC as a communal boating location unless it is a regatta we are hosting. This weekend Drummoyne has organised alternate options for visiting clubs and the side gate will remain closed. All LRC activities this Sunday are on as usual.

Learn To Row

Final session and mini regatta for our 4 junior quads and 3 adult eights this Saturday. Races at 9am. Graduation at 10am. All members welcome to show support and help out.

Donate your old zootie

If you have an old LRC zootie that you don’t use any more, because the flesh showing is above the maximum allowed percentage for your age group (bit like the old Speedo debate, really), please bring it to the Office – we need a few zooties for temporary members to participate to regattas. Some of them may only race once, and we want to help them out.

Bicycle for Sale


Given this has been left at the Club for some time, the Captain has put this up for sale. Proceedings will go towards purchasing new cloths and sponges. On the other hand, if you own it, be quick to move it.

Daylight Savings Ending this Sunday

Remember to change your clocks, especially if you are competing on Sunday!

Time Trials to resume on Tuesdays

From Simon Hoadley

Next Tuesday (8th April) is the first 5km Time Trial of the year!

Usual course, and with a slightly later start time this week to allow for as much daylight as possible while crews remind themselves about the turn and the course!

Meet at 6:10am outside UTS, ready for a 6:15am.

Stay clear of any traffic, and please register your entry with me (Simon H) before you get on the water.

The Duff’s (rigged) Quiz, part #2


See picture above. Any ideas?
1. Name of building
2. Country
3. Built in which century
First to get it right wins a prize…

[Note: the Captain will award the prize at his absolute discretion, given someone has already got the right answer, but he decided they were not good looking enough]

This Sunday

Recreational rowing is ON
LRC Winter Program is ON
Drummoyne Masters regatta is ON