Captain’s log

Pontoon activity

The season is back in full swing now that Pymble is back. Please be efficient and helpful when getting your boats out and putting away. Keep talk to a minimum until you are out of the way. All boats going onto the water are to depart towards Iron Cove bridge. When returning, make sure you move along to allow other boats to come in. Sculls and doubles on the inside when possible. No tinnies tied up in the emergency area for over 1 minute.

Cleaning inside of boat

There are 2 main reasons we want you to wash and dry the inside of the boats after use: (a) Remove grit built up in the slides and salt residue (b) Remove excess water so that it does not drip down onto the rack below contributing to corrosion Better care means everything will last longer.

Farewell to Rosa Brown – Sunday 2 Feb 8am

Rosa has decided to move overseas – good luck Rosa! She leaves Sydney this coming Monday. We are having an informal farewell for her this Sunday at about 8am. Please drop by and give her your best wishes.

Recreational rowing roster

People helping out with the recreational rowers will be: 1 Feb: David Rosenfeld, Dianne Williams 2 Feb: Richard Coleman, Deanna Fekete 8 Feb: John Currie, Angela Conry 9 Feb: no recreational rowing due to Balmain regatta on Iron Cove

The gym

Those that use the equipment are asked to clean up after themselves each session. This includes replacing weights on the racks and putting mats away. Don’t leave stuff for someone else. There is a new display board in the Gym detailing programs for individuals to improve their strength. Any questions should be directed to Frank Thorn. (This is another step towards getting everything off the floor.)

Pymble & LRC Breakfasts

The Pymble Support Group parents have been catering for their rowers each weekend morning. I have an agreement with them that our Juniors can also enjoy this service when it is available. In exchange we have to share the cost and provide some volunteer parental assistance to prepare and clean up. Parents of our Juniors are asked to come forward if able to assist while their children are at the Club. However, this breakfast is NOT available to non-junior members. Adults can help themselves to the club’s tea and coffee, the rest is BYO.

The Kitchen

We need one volunteer to be the kitchen master (it shines on your CV!), responsible for all things kitchen. Yes, you can be the kitchen boss entitled to ask people to clean up their own mess, and many other privileges. Everyone: you use it, you clean, dry and put it away. Remember this is not your home, it is our Club!

Pymble regatta

This Saturday on Iron Cove.

New boats arrive this weekend

A new quad (Charles Bartlett) and double (Anne Parbury) come this weekend. The racks have been marked. Please put them away in correct place. New rigger racks should be here as well to mount and the labels are ready to go.

Boat loading Friday 5.30am

For ‘Small Boats’ regatta, loading is at 5.30am Friday 31 January

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Diary dates

  • Sat 1 Feb – Pymble regatta – Iron Cove
  • Sat 1 Feb – Small Boats regatta – SIRC
  • Sat 8 Feb – Sydney Girls High School regatta – Iron Cove
  • Sun 9 Feb – No recreational rowing
  • Sun 9 Feb – Balmain regatta – Iron Cove
  • Fri 14-16 Feb – NSW Rowing Championship – SIRC
  • Sat 15 Mar – Learn to row orientation
  • Sun 16 Mar – LTR course begins