Corporate Regatta

Saturday (tomorrow!) is D Day for the Corporate Crews. Please come to SIRC for the regatta. Boat unloading at SIRC 6.30am Saturday 1st Sept. Then we’d love some help unloading and storing some of the eights until next year. Unloading is on Sunday morning 2nd Sept at 8.00am. Your help will be greatly appreciated.


Introducing Tim Byrne

As this is my first message to the club as captain through the newsletter, can I start by saying that it is a great honour to be captain of a rowing institution like the Leichhardt Rowing Club with its rich history and wonderful culture. I have only ever known rowing at Leichhardt (I learnt to row here and have never rowed for any other club), so I thought it was time that I gave back to the club that has been responsible for sparking my passion for rowing.

It’s also a great privilege to be working with such a capable committee who all share my enthusiasm and passion for the club. I can assure you that we have hit the ground running and are all getting on with the job of making Leichhardt a great place to come and row.

Steve Duff has given me a fairly long list of tasks to get on with that includes helping him fulfill his lifelong ambition/obsession of seeing the Leichhardt shed with nothing stored on the floor and allocating boats to our various squads so they get used and cared for. So watch out for more communications from me as I work through the list…

If you see me around the club, or out at the Corporate Regatta at SIRC this weekend, feel free to say g’day and introduce yourself (I’m that tallish guy with a graying beard and continually receding hairline…) I’m always good for a chat.


Fees due today

Today is the last day to pay your fees. The door code will be changing and will be given out to financial members only. The newsletter is also only distributed to financial members. All non-financial members will be removed from the distribution list and from access to themember-only sections of the website.


Cox box etiquette

from Nancy W

With more people trying out the cox’s seat this season it is time you all were aware of responsibilities around them.

Always take the CB allocated to the boat you are going out in (not the one you like best). If there is not one allocated take the “spare”. Take the correct style of microphone (there are 3 types) and if it wasn’t on charge it may be a good idea to check it. They are not all on charge all the time as it is not good for the batteries.

Always test the CB in the boat before you go out. (And the steering). Not all problems are the CB. More often it is dirty connections somewhere in the boat. Pipe cleaners and meths are in the white box in office cupboard with all other sound system parts. No vaseline on connectors please!

Always put the CB back on charge in the office in its correct spot. Disconnect and hang up the microphone. Turn off the volume.

Salt water is the enemy of CBs. If you drop it in or get it wet wash it off (not with hot water) as soon as possible and dry it. If it goes in please report it (don’t be shy, it happens and I need to know).

Never take a CB away from the club ie in a car, without permission and first signing it out on the clipboard provided. You take full responsibility for the CB when you do. They cost $1,200 to replace.

Report all problems! There is a small notebook tied to a pen on the CB wall for this.



Washes from ferries and fishing boats (even tinnies) can break boats. Always try to take a wash with the boat parallel with the wash, in other words take it side-on with oars on the water. Two good things will follow: first less water will get into the boat; second you won’t crack the boat’s back. If you take the wash at 90 degrees, ie so that the wash hits the bow first and runs down the boat, you may find that a moment arrives when there is a wave at the bow end holding it up, a wave at the stern holding it up too, but a trough in the middle. Therefore the middle of the boat (the heavy part) is not supported. The middle of an eight is the weakest part, because it’s where the join is. This can suffer tremendous strain and pull the joining bolts through the boat. The result is not only expensive but can also be quite wet as the boat slowly sinks under you. Fours can also suffer from the same problem. So if you see a big wash coming, stop rowing and quickly manoeuvre the boat to be side on to the waves.



  • 1 September, Saturday – Corporate Regatta at SIRC
  • 8 September, Saturday – Lane Cove Head, 4+ and 8+ only, 6.5km
  • 15 September, Saturday – indoor rowing championships, DRC
  • 16 September, Sunday – Head of the Nepean (big boats), 5km
  • 22 September – Head of the Shoalhaven, 6.5km
  • 7 October, Sunday – Iron Cove Classic #1
  • 13 October, Saturday – RNSW Spring Regatta, SIRC
  • 20 October, Saturday – Head of the Parramatta
  • 4 November, Sunday – Iron Cove Classic #2
  • 11 November, Sunday – Iron Cove Classic #3