Call for volunteers

We need a few more people to help with ICC#3, 22 November, which is hosted by us:

  • one person to lay the course early in the morning
  • a few people from a crew to help the BROs with breakfast (muffins and toast, tea and coffee) before the race
  • two people in a tinny at the start and finishone pontoon master

Please write to Ben or Anna with your preference.

Thanks A LOT to those who have volunteered so far. You will all get a free hat 🙂

Head of the Parramatta – this Saturday (tomorrow)

Please remember to allow plenty of time if you are rowing from LRC to the start, it is a long way (it is even longer on the way back)

Bow numbers must be collected from the restaurant at Sydney Rowing Club on Thursday or Friday or from Sydney Rowing Club on Saturday morning.

And a reminder that all rowers must be in LRC zootie.

Good luck!

HoTY Recap

  • Entry fees (incl. petrol) to be paid by Saturday 31 October – entries will not be submitted unless all crew members have paid. Entries can be paid through the online shop.
  • Late entries are not permitted (by Hawthorn Rowing Club).
  • Final date for crew changes is 6 November.
  • All crew members must be current members of RNSW, it is not possible to submit entries if crew members are not in the RNSW database.
  • Boat maintenance on Saturday 7th or Sunday 8th November. Boat allocations will be made before this date.

Repair as you go

If you find something broken then please try to fix it yourself. We have a full stock of spare parts in the office. There are plenty of “know alls” around the Club who are more than happy to assist you advise you if you are not 100% sure what needs to be done.

If you cannot fix yourself make sure you let Bob Kelsall or the Captain know that repairs are required. Hopefully you all know who the Captain is, for those of you who do not know Bob, this is him:

Bob Kelsall

Perfecting your catch

On Saturday 7 November, 10:30 – 12:00 there will be a session for all coaches with Allan ‘AB’ Bennett, RNSW Sports Development Officer.

This session will focus on good rowing technique, with particular emphasis on ‘the catch’

Rowers are also welcome to attend

Santa is making a list…

Reserve Saturday 19th December for the Christmas Party.

The snails are currently in their ‘bulking’ phase and will soon begin their taper in preparation for the big night.

Upcoming regattas

Remember – entries need to be in 1 week before race day

  • 31 October – Head of the Parramatta
  • 8 November – Iron Cove Classic 2
  • 21 November – RNSW Grade Regatta
  • 22 November – Iron Cove Classic 3 (LRC hosting)