One very big point to note as this morning there was another close call…

Do NOT cut across the course from the red buoy (approximately) to go towards Drummoyne.

If you want to turn around, do so before the bridge taking enormous care, or – better – go through the bridge and turn around then.

Cutting across the course half way is dangerous and even if you think you have seen who is coming across, it only takes 20-30 seconds for a new boat to appear, and collide.

Crossing the Harbour

Pay particular attention when you cross the Harbour, both as a rower and as a cox, as if you get caught in a bigger wash at the wrong angle, the boat will snap. It has happened a few times, and more recently this morning. The best way to take a big wash is with the waves parallel to the hull. You will bounce up and down a bit as the wash comes through, but there is less risk of taking water in (which will lower the waterline, making it easier and easier to get more water in and sink…), and less chances of snapping the boat in half. This article has some good hints.


Some lights were taken from the cabinet upstairs. Please let AnnaC know who gave them to you.

Verbal requests about membership or status changes

Please record all requests in writing if you need to have a special need attended to.
Steven Duff is looking after the membership now which means he will monitor all payments, requests and individual circumstances. Talk to him first and then document in writing the conversation or arrangement.

Regatta entries

Please put all your entries in the spreadsheet or email Christine or AnnaC.
Entries for the LRC Regatta are now overdue, so if you have not put an entry in yet, do it today or you will miss out.

Kerosene Bay

Maritime has received a complaint from residents around Kerosene Bay. They have spotted and recorded the registration number of a tinny belonging to LRC with a coach on board yelling at the crew in such a way that woke the residents.

There is NO time of the day when making what is classified “offensive noise” is tolerated, so if you are a coach or in a crew with a coach who yells, please make them lower their voice.

The Club can get fined for this as if that happens we will need to suspend the coach responsible.

LRC Grade Regatta – 8 April

No recreational rowing after 7am on regatta day, and even so, do not take boats allocated to racing please.

Thanks to all volunteers who will help out on the day. Let’s make it memorable for all the athletes and volunteers. LRC makes a bit of money from the entries, so we want all Clubs to participate in high numbers!

ANZAC Day Row – reposted

from Trevor Sills

Hello All Members

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1, and in conjunction with Pymble Ladies’ College, LRC has organised an ANZAC Day row and Dawn Service of Remembrance on Blackwattle Bay in sight of the Anzac Bridge.
We need people to help with the event as well as people to row in it.

If you would like to be part of the Anzac Day row on 25 April, please add your name to the list on the club noticeboard by 1 April.

Clubs from across Sydney have been invited to participate, rowing in their Club Eights.

On Saturday 25 April, crews will assemble at LRC and row to Blackwattle Bay Glebe, leaving LRC from about 3.50am, arriving around 5am. Crews will raft up on a rope drawn between two tugs provided by the Sydney Heritage Fleet.

The Dawn Service will be conducted from an official boat commencing at 5.20am and will conclude about 5.50am. The main body of crews will then row back to Leichhardt.

After the row, we will be holding a breakfast at our Clubhouse.

To run this Anzac Day event, we need to know who would like to row and/or who would be prepared to assist the evening before/or at the event. We need tinny drivers and assistants, BBQ/breakfast staff and a pontoon marshall.


  • 8 April, Sunday – LRC regatta, Iron Cove
  • 22 April, Sunday – DRC Masters regatta, Iron Cove
  • 25 April, Wednesday – ANZAC Day Row
  • 28-29 April, Saturday and Sunday – Trickett regatta, SIRC (Grade Championships)
  • 6 May, Sunday – Iron Cove (LRC) Masters, Iron Cove
  • 10-13 May – Lake Barrington (TAS), National Masters Championships
  • 26-27 May, Saturday and Sunday – NSW Masters Championships, SIRC