6 September 2013

  • AGM on Sunday 8 September
  • Membership fees are now overdue
  • Logging onto the lrc.com.au website
  • Corporates
  • Tinnies
  • Private Sculling Bay
  • World Master Game photos
  • Diary dates

AGM – on Sunday 8 September

Everyone is invited to the LRC Annual General Meeting on Sunday @10am.
Remember, you need to be financial to vote.

Membership fees are now overdue

If you want to continue to row with LRC or use its facilities you need to pay your membership fees now. Pay online via EFT or credit card. See member pages of www.lrc.com.au

Logging onto the lrc.com.au website

If you have forgotten your password, then click on forgotten password at the bottom of the page at lrc.com.au. Remember to update your profile if you have changed your email address.


Coaches – please make sure your coxes put the lights and cox box back in the office after use. Ask them to reconnect the cox box with the volume off.

Club – please make sure you get away before they move onto the pontoon and when they return between 6.30 and 7am during the week.


Two tinnies have now had to be returned to have their electrics replaced because the stern has been submerged filling the battery case with salt water. If the case was immediately emptied, flushed out with fresh water and allowed to dry we may not have had the problem. However they were quietly put back on the trolleys and allowed to bubble away corroding everything. You know who you are!

Matt is looking at relocating the batteries in the bow of the tinnies.

Also on tinnies:

  • The wiring loop to the motors must be connected at all times when the tinnie is being used.
  • The wiring loop must be disconnected before removing a motor from a tinnie.
  • The bung (or drain plug) is plugged in before you put the tinnie on the water.
  • The batteries will go flat if they are not charged.

Private Sculling Bay

A new map is being posted for the private sculls. Two of the spots are now labelled TRANSITION ONLY. Use these to rotate boats to access your own. Do not leave the TRANSITION spots loaded at any time.
Please make sure your oars and riggers are clearly labelled with your name. We have a labeller in the office if needed. The new oar and rigger storage is not far off.

World Master Game photos

If you have photos from the WMG, contact Erika Addis, erikaaddis@icloud.com. Erica will make an email group for all who went so that you can look at each others’ pictures. Copies can then be passsed onto others who want them. Erika will pool the best for the LRC website.

Diary dates

7/9 – Head of Nepean
8/9 – AGM @ 10am
28/9 – Corporate regatta SIRC
5/10 – LTR Orientation, 12pm
13/10 – LTR begins, 7-11am
3/11 – LTR ends

Good rowing everyone!
LRC Committee