Captain’s Log


Office reno

The office is almost finished. The builder has promised I can get everything off the floor this weekend!!!!! I can’t tell you how much this pleases me.

I would appreciate any member helping to tidy the shed this weekend after the office works. The blue mats need to be removed and the whole ground floor swept and hosed out.
I will be reinstating the oar racks so everything can come off the floor.

Triple A – World Masters

Next week the World Masters FISA Regatta is being held in Ballarat. Representing Leichhardt we have the Triple A squad: Anne Parbury, Angela Conry & Anna Cicognani. Expected temperature is +3 degrees with strong winds. Best wishes.

Iron cove Classics

This year there are 3 Iron cove Classic events. They are being run by the three Bay clubs. The event is a time trial from UTS, around Cockatoo Island and back. Total distance = 7km. It is for eights only.
We are encouraging as many entries as possible. See your race coordinator for details.
The entry categories are MA-D Grade 8, WA-D Grade 8, MM8, WM8, SB8 and SG8. Our aim is to get between 30 and 50 eights in the event. After each time trial there will be a BBQ Breakfast on at LRC. This is a good one to get involved.

Membership and Boat Usage

Recreational rowers are only entitled to row in GREEN boats. The BLACK boats are reserved for our competitive members and even then they need to satisfy criteria as set out in the Boat Usage Policy.
If you are recreational please obey this rule.
Otherwise I’ll have to chase you, and you know the walls have eyes!

How to section an 8 (Club Rule)

Step 1 – When eights are being placed on slings to be sectioned or at any time – one sling between 7 and stroke at the bulkhead and one between Bow and 2 at the bulkhead. This is the correct placing to get the weight distributed evenly and to roll over the boat without the riggers getting caught on slings.

Step 2 – When sectioning, place 2 additional slings either side of the section join and use slings of similar height to ensure the joining lines up closely. Always use 4 slings for sectioning to ensure the boat is supported and cannot fall or be dropped to the ground.

Step 3 – Always have a person on either side of the boat at the joint to line up the bolts and a person at either ends of the boat to assist with alignment. Four people to get the alignment right will speed up the sectioning process and ensure the boat cannot be pulled off or fall off the slings. A fifth person should attend to the nuts, washers and bolts; making sure both ends of the bolts have large washers in place. Never tighten a nut without a large washer on both sides and do not over tighten the nuts.

Step 4 – When the boat is together – lift boat clear of slings to remove 2 middle slings. Do not leave a boat balancing on middle slings. It must be supported when together on the 2 slings between 7 and stroke, and between Bow and 2


1. Remove foot stretcher at join to gain easier access to nuts and bolts
2. Always locate nuts on the foot well side of the join for easy access
3. Ensure large flat washers are on both sides of the joint
4. Do not over tighten
5. Always ensure joint faces are clean and free of dust and dirt
6. Never use grease or similar on joint faces

Steven Duff

Updated Regatta Policy

Find the updated Regatta Policy on the Website. Make sure you are familiar with it as the racing season starts. Any question, contact the Regatta Secretary.

Time trials and did anyone mention Christmas?

  • Christmas Party – 14th December – reserve the date.
  • TTT – Tuesday Time Trial – 5.55am off UTS – 5km – All boat sizes welcome
  • WWICCTTT – Weekly Wednesday Iron Cove Classic Time Trial Training, 5.30am off UTS, 7km
  • Next Week – School is back. This means all Pymble and our Juniors will be back to early mornings. Be patient and efficient.

Recreational rowing support

Saturday 4th: Andrew Colquohoun
Sunday 5th: John Currie

Saturday 11th: Simon Dunlop
Sunday 12th: Helen Dunn

Avoid Lane Cove River on Saturday morning 4 October

North Shore Head of the Lane Cove River is on tomorrow so avoid the area between 7-9am. The course is from the Wires at Blackman Park and the North Shore Rowing Club at Longueville.
Good luck to everyone rowing in it.

Changed your email address? Update your details via the LRC website

You can update your details via the LRC website (look in the upper right corner of your screen, and click on your name). Just logon with your userid firstname.surname and password.

Shopping at LRC

Want a new zootie? Need boat lights? Cap? Shirt? Shorts? Order and pay at the LRC shop

2015 Sydney International Rowing Regatta: Information now available

Competitor Bulletins for the 2015 Sydney International Rowing Regatta, to be held at the Sydney International Regatta Centre, are now being released. See


  • Sat 4 Oct – North Shore Head
  • Sat 18 Oct – RNSW Spring regatta
  • Sat 25 Oct – Iron Cove Classic 1
  • Sat 25 Oct – NSWIS Time Trial 2 (Nepean River)
  • Sat 1 Nov – Iron Cove Classic 2
  • Sat 8 Nov – Head of the Parramatta
  • Sat 22 Nov – Iron Cove Classic 3
  • Sat 14 Dec – Christmas party evening