lake ruataniwha

Lake Ruataniwha

Time is running out for this year’s LRC Corporate Challenge.

If you have friends who work in medium to large size organisations send them an email today and refer them to the Corporate Challenge site .

They’ll have lots of fun and get fitter if they take on the Challenge and we will be able to continue to improve the club with the funds we generate. The Challenge is our principal fund raising activity and a major contributor to renewing the fleet.

It won’t take you long to send out a few emails to mates and in the process you might be contributing to a new VIII or quad. Wouldn’t that be nice!!

Captain’s Log

Boat Use

For those unaware we have 2 classes of Club Boat (if you have been to one of our quarterly orientation days you would already know this). They are General Use and Restricted. These are identified with a black or green dot on each side of their bows.

You can also see by the colour on the boat allocation sheet. The policy for boat usage is detailed in the BOAT USAGE POLICY. Across each coloured dot is a weight guide for the average crew member.

I have observed and it has been reported to me, that several members are rowing above their boat choice level. Obviously the ones I catch are confronted by my verbal advice and they select another boat. Others think nobody is watching and they can get away with it. Alas, the walls have eyes and ears.

The basic rule is if you are Recreational you are only entitled to row in GREEN boats and only at restricted times. These are usually Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Additional times for recreational members must be approved by the Club Captain.

This is to allow Competitive Members better access to the club at peak times. It is also to prevent overcrowding.

If you hold Competitive Membership then you can train in any GREEN boat without prior booking, unless it has been booked by someone else – see the notice board first.

If you wish to row in a BLACK boat you need to either book 1 week ahead through the LRC Website or contact the Club Captain. You are not to take out BLACK boats willy-nilly. I try to keep certain BLACK boats in better condition for competition by allowing less use and then only by the crews intending to race in them in coming events.

Boats with no sticker are not for club members to use. They are either private or Pymble boats.

Lifting Boats Out of the Water!

There is no award for tossing a boat. There is however a penalty for dropping one.
If you are in a crew using a heavy boat, then the safe method to remove it and indeed lowering it, is for the crew to lift it out of the water together, move back a pace, every second rower goes under one at a time, then level it out and walk up to the slings. This sets a good example for the young and newer rowers.

Last week I saw two quad crews almost drop their boat in the tossing process because the rowers were simply not strong enough to toss. If you have any doubt about lifting the boat, don’t attempt to toss, follow the method above.


The Trivia Committee has selected Saturday September 12th for our next Club Fund Raising Social Night. Please set the date aside to come along with friends and family.

Details will be posted shortly. Once again we will be calling on members to help by donating auction prizes – small or big, cheap or valuable.


As we all start to get back to the shed after a well deserved break we enter the Time Trial stage of the season. These are long distance races mostly in eigths. They are not for the faint hearted and require pre-training to get into shape. At this time of the season your group should be commencing long steady state rows at a low rate with high pressure. As the season progresses the rating will increase but the pressure should always be there. Gym work is also recommended to build up your strength.

For those in crews you can get underway. For members not included or those who wish to try out for the best crew they can get in please email me so that I can get groups organised. You do not need a coach each session, just determination. Recreational members are able to participate in time trial events (but they have to pay their own race fees). I will be grouping individuals from the beginning of August.

The events we are talking about are:

  • Head of Nepean
  • Head of Shoalhaven
  • North Shore Head (small boats only)
  • Head of Parramatta
  • Iron Cove Classics x 3
  • Head of the Yarra

The final dates will be on the Rowing NSW site shortly for the new season.

Steven Duff

LUOR 400 club raffle and lunch Sunday 19 July

The annual reunion and luncheon of the Leichhardt Union of Old Rowers (LUOR) is on LRC at 11am Sunday 19th July. Lunch is adults $25 and juniors $15.

For catering contact Tony Potter on 9592 3258 or Barry Moynahan 9689 4290

Buy a $20 ticket to win $400 in the LUOR 400 Club Draw Raffle. All proceeds go towards the club. For tickets contact Steve Jaques (P: 95683163) or Dave Bodell (P: 9558 0041)

Diary dates

  • Sun 12 July: JB Sharp regatta Drummoyne
  • Sun 19 July: LUOR lunch buy tickets now
  • Sun 26 July: JB Sharp regatta BalmainSat 1 Aug: New member orientation
  • Sun 9 Aug: JB Sharp regatta LRC
  • Sat 12 Sep: Trivia night