LRC regatta – Sunday 8th March

By Daniela

Leichhardt is hosting the next grade regatta which is next Sunday! And we need you!!  

As we are the hosts of the regatta we need all hands on deck to make this the most successful grade regatta held on the bay. We need people to assist in the running of the regatta and some of the most popular roles are:

  • tinny drivers for our BROs to follow the races
  • on water marshalls (need to be able drive a tinny for this or sit in a tinny being driven by someone else)
  • pontoon marshalls
  • results collectors/finish table runners
  • starter assistant
  • race judges
  • gourmet caterer assistants (to help prepare BRO breakfast/lunch and BBQ)
  • and a number of other roles on the day (but definitely not a birthday cake for the captain)

All members who are down on the Sunday (racing and otherwise) will be expected to assist with the general club set up for the regatta. This includes launching tinnys for BROs, clearing the pontoon of Pymble tinnys, setting up the start and finish tents with relevant equipment and packing up at the end of the day (so please don’t run off after your last race – our members should be the last to leave at the end of the day).

If you can assist for all or some of the regatta for any of the above roles please send me an email (


I’m looking forward to LRC hosting the best ever regatta!!

Addendum (by the other vc) – the juniors will be running a cake stall in a fundraising bid for new oars/boat/something depending on success, so bring some dollars and a craving for sugary substance. Its okay, you work it off and then some racing. If anyone would like to offer up a plate of cookies, cupcakes, or similar, that would be excellent, please bring them the morning of the regatta, and let either Alex Lowe or Kaelan Crawford (junior VC) know. Realisitically any junior will pass on the message I imagine.



“can’t get it twice” – some diabetic

Pontoon Sports are coming to LRC

Lynsey and her team will be setting up a stall at the LRC regatta, so if your old LRC zootie looks like it has had better days, this could be a good opportunity to upgrade to a new improved model and save money on postage at the same time. Or if you are in the market for another training zootie or other rowing gear, I’m sure they will be able to sort you out with something from their range.

Hoses – They’re reely back!

From tomorrow (Sunday), possibly with the coming of autumn, level 2 water restrictions will be lifted, meaning the return of the hose reels (wow, reely? Yay), fitted with water gun attachments.

This means we can make up for the relatively less thorough cleaning of the past couple of months, making sure we get maximum salt off the boats. From here, please make sure to pay the boats that extra little bit of TLC over the next couple of weeks to remove any residue building up from the age of the watering can.

As a point of review of the watering cans, if any boats, riggers, oars, or anything else were found to have grown during the use of the watering cans, please advise the captain or president urgently.


29th February (its one them leap years) – Gold Cup

8th March – LRC Regatta (definitely not the Captain’s Birthday)

15th March – Drummoyne Regatta

23rd March – Nationals Week

5the April – Drummoyne Masters (Iron Cove)

18th April – Trickett Regatta (SIRC)

29th April – Masters Nationals (SIRC)

16th May – Iron Cove Masters (Iron Cove I think)

23rd May – NSW Masters (SIRC)