This Week @ LRC – 29 March 2019

Boat Licence

Marine Rescue have agreed to run the boat licence theory/ knowledge video and boat licence knowledge test on next Tuesday 2nd April at 6.30 pm

This is open to all members and their family and friends and takes about 2 hours. You need to bring some form of ID.

After completing the knowledge test you have 12 months to do a minimum of 3 trips in a tinny or other motor vessel to then apply for your licence.

If you are 12 to 16 you can acquire a junior licence which then converts to a full licence when you turn 16.

For more details:

Cost is $34.

Contact Margaret for more info:


Fresh in – Silver for Will Clifton in the PR3 Mix 2x at Nationals!

Well done to Will and his 2x partner from Balmain (Bronte Marshall) in their mixed double’s Para they have raced today!!
Photos to follow.


Corporate Challenge

We are already getting some interest in this year’s Corporate Challenge, so now’s the time to think about getting a crew organised from your office, or else talking to some friends from another firm about being part of the Challenge.

If you have any hot prospects please send them on to and he will contact them immediately.

Remember this is a major fundraiser event for the Club and we need all hands on deck when the event is on to make it a success and get crews back next year. Without this fundraiser, we won’t be able to afford new equipment and barely cover our expenses.


Boat maintenance

Please ensure the boat or boats allocated to you for maintenance are well looked after. Even if it’s not an official “maintenance day” (see dates below and note from Steve Duff), make small repairs as needed – eg. replace slide stoppers, tighten screws in the shoes, replace rigger locks etc.

Please do not “re-rig” boats by moving feet up and down and even change gate washers around unless under supervision and only if the rigging is obviously uneven (which means someone has changed it without knowing what they were doing).

Particularly, do not play with the steering cables, wrapping them around the centre screws or tightening them into a twisted position because of your feet and anke bends. The steering mechanisms are mechanically quite simple, but in many instances are rendered useless by the constant re-adjusting they are subjected to.


The White Notice Board

from Steve Duff
Upon looking at the white maintenance board downstairs my first thought was to ask Bob to buy a bigger board. Then when I looked at it, I noticed half the items are things each of us should be able to repair ourselves.
For example we should all be able to change wheels, fix slides, replace bow number holders, swap shoes, replace bolts, fix gates. swap oar collars, replace sculling blade handles, attach seats and even repair steering if the cables are broken.

The only things we don’t want members attempting are patching holes or repairing broken riggers or oars.

Ask someone to show you how, then train the next person.

Let’s work towards a clean White Board!


Duff’s Phrase of the Week

If it’s on the floor, it’s out the door!


Tinny stacking rules

Please remember that if you have taken a tinny from a stack of 2, you need to return it stacked up. Again this week, tinnies have been left on single trolleys with the motor on, when they should have been stacked instead.


Send regatta entries to

  • 7 April, Sunday – DRC Centenary regatta (grade), Iron Cove
  • 13-14 April – Trickett Regatta, SIRC
  • 20 April, Saturday – DRC Masters, Iron Cove
  • 28 April, Sunday – Iron Cove Masters (LRC organised)
  • 4-5 May – NSW State Masters Championships, SIRC
  • 11 May – Boat maintenance day #2
  • 2 June – Presentation day, ~4pm at the Club
  • 3 August – Boat maintenance day #3
  • 2 November – Boat maintenance day #4