This Week @ LRC – 29 June 2018

From Captain Duff


It’s the same old story. Those who always volunteer have come forward. Those who never do have disappeared.
We need your help. Please think about what you or your squad could do and let me know. The more helpers we have the easier it is for everyone. Who knows, you may actually enjoy it as well.
Full volunteer list and jobs still to be assigned is at the bottom of this post.

JB Sharp Sunday

No rowing after 8.00am this Sunday. All boats must be returned prior to 8am to allow those racing to get ready.

If you want to enter just be on the pontoon 1 hour before the race and see one of the captains to get a boat. All competitors must be registered with Rowing NSW and be wearing a zootie or at least a branded LRC shirt.

A new old rule

One of my favourites is if “it’s left on the floor, then it’s out the door”. After this Sunday all eights should have been rigged. From then on NOTHING should be on the floor other than your feet.



Is now happening every Wednesday 6 – 6.45 a.m.

The aim of the class is to build your core strength and balance out your rowing body to not only release tension, but also to prevent injuries.

Either bring your own mat or borrow one of the club’s.

Everyone is welcome and there is no charge.


Membership Fees

If you have not received your invoice yet, please contact Treasury at ASAP.
Fees are due now for the 2018/19 season.
Also please remember to register with RNSW if you wish to compete and renew you rack fees if you have a private boat.


LRC JB Sharp – 29 July

Still looking for tinny drivers for the last JB Sharp hosted by LRC. Please contact AnnaC if you can help.


Lost Property

The lost property tub and lost drink container bucket are getting cleaned up (by Nancy and Sue), as they are overflowing.

Could the people managing the juniors and learn to rowers please alert their charges to the existence of the above and encourage them to claim what is theirs.

In particular, there is a Sykes boat cover which has been clogging up the tub for months. Please someone, ANYONE, take it or out it goes.

It is a good idea to label all your clothes which may be removed from your good self while at the club for ease of return. Label your drink bottles also so we can reduce plastic waste.


Pontoon work

Progressing nicely at this stage. By Sunday for JB Sharp, the full area will be accessible. For those wondering, this new material is called “everroll granite marine range” and it’s 100% EPDM rubber. Unfortunately, colours were limited and we could not get it in the royal blue as before.


New 4x/4- on order

We have ordered a brand new quad/four from Sykes which should arrive in the next 10 weeks. Crew average will be 70-79kg so if you are thinking about trying it out, start losing (or putting on) weight! πŸ˜‰



  • 1 July, Sunday – #3 JB Sharp, Drummoyne
  • 15 July, Sunday – #4 JB Sharp, Balmain
  • 22 July, Sunday – LUOR Lunch
  • 29 July, Sunday – #5 JB Sharp, LRC – presentations
  • 1 September, Saturday – Corporate regatta
  • 8 September, Saturday – Lane Cove Head, 4+ and 8+ only, 6.5km
  • 15 September, Saturday – indoor rowing championships, DRC
  • 16 September, Sunday – Head of the Nepean (big boats), 5km
  • 22 September, Head of the Shoalhaven, 6.5km

Volunteers List

Express you particular interest to and you’re in!

Short Term Tasks

  1. Boat Racks – need regalvanising. In bad need of repair. Many screws missing or loose and racks not rolling out smoothly. Need rubber matting or foam supports etc replaced. Christiaan has volunteered but needs assistance. – Christiaan Fitzsimon
  2. Pictures on the Walls – To tidy up the mess after the painting. Restore balance!
  3. LRC JB Sharp – We need tinny drivers with boat licenses & BBQ team
  4. LRC Iron Cove Classic, LRC Regatta and Iron Cove Masters – We need tinny drivers with boat licenses & BBQ team
  5. Painting – Shed North face downstairs (very bodgey, done by volunteers last time) – Kylie Tang
  6. Adult LTR Coaches – probably with Tinnie licenses. (Margaret can help if you don’t have one yet).
  7. Corporate Regatta – coaches, coxes, catering (Justin has done a great job and we already have lots of crews with high expectations). You can grab a mate and do it together – Isaac Eveleigh
  8. BBQ teams for home regattas – if it’s a JB Sharp then our Competitive members, if an experienced event then from the Recs.
  9. Social Event helps – Fund raising nights

Medium Term Tasks

  1. Window Cleaning – To clean our front windows overlooking the bay
  2. Time Trial Supervisors – We would like to start 5 to 7km time trials at low rating on one weekday and one weekend day morning. Need 2 people in tinnies to run program. All crews sizes, men and women, handicapped etc. Build up to Head Races.
  3. Would it be worth having a weekly Breakfast BBQ, say every Sunday at 8am. Make it a regular item. Nothing quite like coming off the water after training to the smell of the BBQ. Possibly a rotating roster.

Full Year Tasks

  1. Labelling – responsible to label everything that is not alive. Every oar, rigger, rack and boat needs to be clearly labelled and on our Shed Map – Kristin Moss
  2. Oar Maintenance – Chevrons and gearing (by Club specifications) – Madeleine Borrey
  3. Tinnies – to keep them clean, fully kitted and in good order (under Bob’s supervision)
  4. Ergs – to provide cleaning and repair. Call in professionals when required. Margaret Bailey
  5. Club Sculls – a team to look after all our sculls. This is a job for a few β€œboat lovers”. TLC is required for our well used sculls – Peter Gilder. Tim Mason
  6. BROs – if you have had enough of racing but want to stay involved then think about becoming a Boat Race Official (person in blue uniform with total control on race day)
  7. Trophies, Medals and Honour Boards