Head of the Yarra

If you intend to compete in the Head of the Yarra, you have to pay your fees ASAP. Entries close on 6 November. Please email your entries to regatta@lrc.com.au if you have not already communicated your final crew’s composition to either Christine or Matt. Also please fill out your shirt size for the free t-shirts.

ICC #2 – this Sunday

All coxes, please yield to faster crews in the race – especially if it’s an LRC crew coming up… No obstructions please and make sure the faster LRC crew has the better line.

Engraver stencils

Steve Roll’s stencils have disappeared from the office. Does anyone know where they’ve gone? Please email AnnaC.

Black and green boats

Dean is about to complete a Black and Green boat list and rower grades. In the meantime please remember that Black grade boats are our best equipment and should be respected. Black boats should only be taken by established crews in preparation for regattas.

Safety on the water

Be aware of personal safety whilst out on the water. Please let someone know where you intend on rowing when out beyond Cockatoo Island. Could scullers please not go to Kerosene Bay on your own, if you fall in there while a tanker is moving, you will come off second best. Remember the harbor is a dangerous and lonely place.

Coxes meeting on Sunday

Could all coxswains, could you please make yourself available after the race on Sunday. We are need to have a quick chat about navigation around the bays and river as some crews have not been following suggested.


  • 29 October, Saturday, Time Trial 2 – by invitation only
  • 30 October, Sunday,  Iron Cove Classic #2 – eights only
  • 5 November, Saturday, Head of the Parramatta, fours, quads and eights only
  • 13 November, Sunday,  Iron Cove Classic #3 – eights only
  • 26 November, Head of the Yarra, Melbourne