Cambridge women’s crew in the Thames during the annual Boat Race against rival university Oxford (2016).

Fee payment

Please pay your membership fees asap using the online form (and stop freeloading!).

Remember that if you intend racing, you also need to pay your RNSW fees or you won’t be entered in any crew.

Help with breakfast needed for Corporate crews

Things to do:

Monday – Friday

5am – Urn turned on
By 6.30am – Breakfast laid out
9am – Breakfast tidy-up

6am – Urn turned on
7.30am – Breakfast laid out
10am – Breakfast tidy-up.

Please email Nancy ( to help out.

Remember this is a major fundraiser for the Club, so if you like new boats, lend a hand!


You don’t always see the things we spend money on around the shed, for example the lazy couple of grand we just unloaded to replace the box gutter which runs along the middle of the roof. This thing has been a plague for us, as most box gutters are. It collects needles from the Casuarina trees, jams up, rots, floods – you name it.

Now we have had it replaced, re-sealed and we have agreement from the Council to cut back the trees that overhang the roof and block the gutters all the time, despite regular (and expensive) cleaning. Thanks to our excellent building manager Doc Cowlishaw for going about the shed and quietly getting things fixed and improved.


Starting Monday 7th August things will be getting very busy on the pontoon. There will be a Pontoon Marshal in charge each day. Please work with them and follow their instructions (even if you have your own ideas!)

Pontoon Marshalls will be:

  • Mondays – Justin Milne
  • Tuesdays – Matt Bourke
  • Wednesdays – Matt Limburg
  • Thursdays – Alex Kempson
  • Fridays – Gordon Cooper

Some days there will be an additional 3 eights to get off at 5.00am and 4 at 7.00am. So take the initiative and work your own training around the corporates.

Alex will publish a list of what corporate boats are going out when. It will be placed on the noticeboard downstairs. Please have a look and adjust your training so that you are not on the pontoon at the same time as the corporates. This may mean rowing 10 minutes earlier or 20 minutes later. Not such a big deal. Remember though that the corporates get preference for everything.


  • 30 July, Sunday – Head of the Hunter, Newcastle, 45km (Good luck to Christine and Anna doing this in a pair – mad!)
  • 5 August, Saturday – Orientation day for Corporate Challenge
  • 20 August, Sunday – 3 Rivers mini-marathon, Telegraph Point to Port Macquarie, 25km
  • 3 September – SIRC, Corporate Challenge regatta day