The 1920 Sculling Championship Course on the Parramatta River

The 1920 Sculling Championship Course on the Parramatta River (click for larger image)

2014-2015 Member subscription fees are now due

The fees have been kept the same as last year. Submit your renewal and pay the fees online before 31st August.

LUOR lunch – 20 July

At the LUOR lunch, great grandson Lyn Lockrey will speak about the life and times of Edward (Ned) Trickett – Australia’s first World Champion – in any sport. Ned held the title of “World Professional Single Scull Champion” from 1876 to 1880.
Lunch $25, children free.
Raffle tickets $20 (optional).

To assist with our catering arrangements please contact Tony Potter or Barry Moynahan. RSVP by 11 July.
Barry Moynahan (T: 9689 4290) Email:
Early purchase by post – send your payment (cheque, money order) to:
Tony Potter, Secretary LUOR, PO Box 3, Leichhardt 2040 (to reach by Friday 18/7/14).
Or alternatively by Direct Deposit to LUOR bank account No. 163526251 and BSB No. 112 879.

Captain’s Log

Boat Rally

At the moment we only have enough names for just over 2 crews. A lot of work goes into organizing this so if we don’t have at least 45 names on the list by this Sunday night I will postpone it to a more convenient date.
Feedback welcome. Adults $20, students $10

UTS JB Sharp this Sunday

A program is on the pin board outside the office.
Belinda Brigham (women’s vice-captain) will be present to allocate boats – see her as soon as you arrive.
Races will start on time so it is your responsibility to be at the start ahead of time.
Course is from Rodd Island to UTS.


It’s very dark in the morning at the moment. This means it is time to change your batteries. Some torches look ok when you push off, but fade to nothing within 20 minutes – don’t they Chevrons?

Steve Duff

Ask Odus

Mr. Clean: Dear Odus, is it true that there is a higher occurrence of obsessive compulsive disorder amongst rowers?

Odus: Dear Mr Clean,
I define OCD symptoms in the following way: “excessive washing or cleaning, preoccupation with tidiness (eg. nothing on the floor), nervous behaviour around rubbish, repeated checking, extreme hoarding, preoccupation with sexual thoughts, relationship-related obsessions, aversion to particular numbers and nervous rituals such as opening and closing doors. ”
Mr Clean, these fine qualities are important to our Club. You too should aspire to them, and perhaps one day you will attain high office at LRC.

Split Brain: Odus, why do we row on the right but drive on the left?
Odus: NFI.

Odus will answer your questions every week on the oddities of rowing and beyond.


  • JB Sharp regatta series, hosted by UTS: 29 June
  • Boat rally: Sunday 6 July
  • LRC Award night: 12 July
  • LUOR Lunch: 11am 20 July
  • JB Sharp regatta ends at LRC: Sunday 10 August
  • Trivia Night: Saturday 17 August
  • AGM: Sunday morning 31 August
  • Corporate & LTR regatta: SIRC 7 September
  • Fundraiser: 15 November
  • Christmas party: 13 December