Christmas Row

Thank you to all who came along and raced. Excluding those pesky national squad rowers form UTS, LRC proudly took our the win. Congrats on the massiv victory, and more importantly good work to all wh snuck out, had a fun paddle, and snuck home in time for Christmas to start for their families. Special thanks to Steve Jacques, Bob Kelsall, and others for helping crews get on the water, as well as keeping tabs on us from tinnies.


No Cause for Alarm

The shed alarm has reportedly been fixed, and can be set (and of course set off) once again. Please get back into the habit of setting it if you are the last to leave the club. Even if you know people will be down later, safest policy is to set it

As 2019 ends, so too may Seatgate

2019 has been defined by many things, including Greta Thunberg’s assault on climate change inaction, the end of the Marvel Avengers era, and Liverpool winning the Champion’s League, but the most impactful, pivotal event was unquestionably Seatgate.

All missing seats have now arrived. All members should check the seats in the boats they are responsible, and ensure they are correctly allocated and labelled. Moving forward, lets avoid cannibalisam of seats, shifting the problems from one boat to another, and solve any missing/damaged seat issues that may arise on the pontoon

Reclamation of the Media

With Alex heading overseas for a month, Isaac (me) (hello) will be taking on the task of putting together the weekly newsletter. If you wish to have something included, please do not hesitate to send it to with either or cced in.

It is in your interest to type it up in full, or else risk me doing it in a way entirely dependant on my creative interpretation at time of publication.

Alex will be back at the end of January.

Taree Regatta and Dinner

With the Taree regatta looming, so does the annual club Taree dinner on the Saturday night, this year at the Exchange Hotel. The link below will take you to the LRC shop to buy tickets ($30 adults/$10 kids under 12). Its always a good dinner, and worth getting the squad along to.

Please purchase tickets by 31st December so that the club can book accordingly


  • 31st December – Pay for Taree Dinner
  • 10th-12th January – Taree Summer Regatta
  • 11th January – Taree Club Dinner
  • 25th January – Small Boats Regatta
  • 26th January – Australia Day
  • 7th February – NSW Rowing Championships