What a spectacular success the Anzac Row was. Huge vote of thanks to Trevor Sills and Andrew Hine plus all of their helpers, and to Nancy Walquist and her helpers who put on such a magnificent breakfast.

Not to forget Charlie and Sally Bartlett for providing the official platform, the men and women from the Heritage Fleet, The Rev and off-sider from Pymble, the wonderful Pymble girls Grace Jarvis and India Thompson who played the last post and read the Ode so movingly, and of course to all the rowers from LRC, Pymble, the Bay Clubs and North Shore who made it a memorable event.

Andrew Hine’s very fine speech can be found online.

More pictures on our (private) Facebook page.

Orientation Day

The next Orientation Day for new members will be held on Saturday 5th May at 7.30am. It will last about 1 hour. We will cover all the basics about being a member, how the Club works, the Committee, the Website, Rules and Policies. It is a chance to ask questions and understand your next steps.
Please make an effort to attend as it will be worth your while if you want to get the most out of your membership. Parents welcome. Please put your name on the list on the Notice Board if coming.

A project by Steve Roll

If you have any 20L black, white, or red containers, please bring them down to the shed. Steve Roll is planning to make a set of buoys to line the course for the Bay regattas. He needs 16 of them.

Move the rocks

Steve Roll also is planning a working bee to move the rocks that are in the water towards the west of the club back against the sea wall. On the lower tides these are becoming dangerous and it will be only a matter of time before somebody gets too close to the wall and damages a hull.

Polo shirts

Remember – if you would like one of the Tim Mason’s Special Polo shirts, pre-order and pre-pay on the Shop site.

Polos will be ready by 18 May if you pre-order by 1 May. Pick up only from the Club.

Regatta Entries

If you are emailing regatta entries, please specify the event number and check ages for Masters (and scores for grades, next season). It’s quite hard to have to check everyone’s age when the event is not specified. Otherwise, use the spreadsheet.


  • 28-29 April, Saturday and Sunday – Trickett regatta, SIRC (Grade Championships)
  • 6 May, Sunday – Iron Cove (LRC) Masters, Iron Cove
  • 10-13 May – Lake Barrington (TAS), National Masters Championships
  • 26-27 May, Saturday and Sunday – NSW Masters Championships, SIRC
  • 3 June, Sunday – #1 JB Sharp, Glebe
  • 17 June, Sunday – #2 JB Sharp, UTS
  • 1 July, Sunday – #3 JB Sharp, Drummoyne
  • 15 July, Sunday – #4 JB Sharp, Balmain
  • 27 July – LUOR Lunch
  • 29 July, Sunday – #5 JB Sharp, LRC – presentations