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Boat Maintenance Day

Set aside the morning of 3 October for the next boat maintenance day. Priority will be getting boats ship shape for HoTY – more details to come from our Men’s Vice Captain Ben Adams.

Blazer update

There has been an enthusiastic response to the idea of a Leichhardt Blazer.

In order to produce a blazer the club will have to order some specially designed and made material. The minimum order quantity is for 100 meters which will cost $7,000.

We don’t want to spend that amount and discover that despite enthusiasm no one was actually prepared to order a blazer – leaving us with loads of brightly coloured boat-rags. We are prepared to take the risk on the material if we can get a reasonable number of pre-orders.

So if you are definitely prepared to order a unique, traditional LRC blazer, which will probably cost around $400 – $600 would you please write to Justin Milne confirming your intention in the next few days.

Here’s a rough picture of how a blazer might look – although the design is yet to be tackled seriously.


Here is a link to pics of lots of other rowing blazers.

And a link to a short video about the history of rowing blazers.


Could rowers and coaches please park the tinny trailers in their correct places on the deck – that is, away from the broad section where boats are rigged and behind each other on the narrow section of the deck before the descent to the pontoon.

When loading or unloading tinnies from the hoist, please put the trailer back on the narrow section to keep the area clear for rigging and washing boats.


Rowing NSW held their AGM this week and our own Deanna Fekete was re-elected for a three year term. Congratulations to Deanna.
The Annual Report for RNSW can be found here.

Captain’s Log

Pontoon times for LRC and Pymble

From the 3rd October Pymble will be back at the Shed in force. We have agreed with Pymble that they will have priority for getting on and off the water at the following times:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 5.05 to 5.25 and 6.50 to 7.05am
  • Saturday between roughly 5.45am – 6.45am and 8.15am – 8.45am
  • Sunday 6.45am – 7.15am and 8.45am – 9.15am.

Please arrange your on an off water times accordingly. Move as quickly as you can and be patient.


Pymble’s new 8 has been delayed 2 weeks so we can use the bottom rack for the Billy 8. We need this at the moment due to the high number of crews heading for the HOTY.

We just need members to take it off the trailer and rig it up – riggers and seats are in the petrol cupboard.

After the 2 weeks we are looking to store it rigged outside. Stay tuned.

The Jaques and Barry need to go up high in the roof. Please assist our Vice Captain Ben Adams to get this done.

16 new sculling oars are about 10 days away. They are for the Bohemia 4x, Lowrey 2x, Onno 1x and Rex 1x. All will be chevroned ready for action soon.


I would like to make a special thanks to Roger Graham for the work he does keeping the upstairs area clean and tidy.

I can tell when Roger has been at the Club. Great work Roger!!

Prizes from Trivia Night

There are 2 prizes that were not given away at the Trivia Night which we will be offering to members by way of a raffle.

$20 will get a ticket in the raffle for a cruise for 4 ($2k value)
$10 will get a ticket in the raffle for Wonki Ware ($900 value)

If you are interested and would like to purchase a ticket please see Sandy Rourke, she is also looking for volunteers to help sell tickets.

Keeping nimble

Thanks to Erika Addis for passing on some useful information on stretching, something we all know we should do more of.

Dates to Remember

  • 26 September – Nepean Regatta
  • 30 September – last day for LRC membership fees
  • 3 October – boat maintenance day