Thank you

To everyone who pitched in and helped us tidy up the club in Sunday. Many jobs were ticked off our to do list. Special mention goes to Nancy who scraped several inches of exploded milk and we can only guess what else from the fridge downstairs. The challenge now is to keep everything nice and clean!

No Club Rowing Sunday 28 Feb

As you should all be aware we are hosting our annual regatta this coming Sunday at the Club. Due to the large number of competitors that will be at the Club, the demand for boats and the need to prepare the course early in the day there will be no Club rowing (other than the regatta) at the sheds this Sunday.

LRC will also host the Iron Cove Masters regatta on 16 April, so save the date as we will have to do it again.

Everyone needs to help. If you cannot make it, you will need to provide a medical certificate to the Captain.

Regatta Entries

Please check the RNSW website for upcoming regattas.
Deadline for entries is 24h before the RNSW cut off time. There are 38 people in the Club who can submit entries, but if you still have trouble putting in entries, please send them to Anna Cico.

Boat Licences

A reminder that all boat operators (tinnies) are required by the Club to hold a RMS Boat Licence.

If enough interest is shown (10+) we plan to invite Marine Rescue to hold an information evening and test at the Club.

Cost for the info evening and test is $46

Young Adult licence are available for 12-16 yr olds and 16= a General Licence

To register your interest please email Margaret Bailey –

Visit the website and click on maritime for further details.

Parents, friends and siblings of members are welcome. You don’t need to be a club member to come along.

Volunteering at the Sydney International Rowing Regatta (SIRR)

If you are interested in volunteering at the upcoming SIRR 14 – 20 March at SIRC you can find more details here.

Changes to Masters Rowing at National level

During 2015, the Masters Commission developed some significant changes to Masters Rowing at National level, which may be of interest to active Masters Rowers.

  • Introduction of “Fastest Club” medal for all Championship events at AMC regattas
  • Introduction of “Club Champion Eight” at AMC regattas
  • Confirmation of the value and accuracy of the revised handicaps for Masters rowers, introduced in 2013 and reviewed using 2014 AMC and FISA WMR results. A similar review will be undertaken using the 2015 results from the same regattas
  • Decision to have the 2016 AMRC at Lake Kawana on the Sunshine Coast June 2-5th
  • Implementation of the revised Order of Events (2013) at the 2014 AMRC, to take account of the rapidly changing demographics of Masters rowers – increasing ages and numbers
  • Introduced the Policy of Mixed Races at AMC being treated equally with Championship races in the event of cancellation.

Dates to remember

  • 27 Feb – Riverview Gold Cup, Lane Cove River
  • 28 Feb – LRC Regatta, Iron Cove
  • 13 March – Drummoyne Regatta, Iron Cove
  • 2-3 April – Trickett Regatta, SIRC