Yarra Fees!!


The Head of the Yarra is fast approaching and it has been great to see so many eights out on the water training! This year we have been invited back to the Yarra Yarra Rowing Club for our annual post race dinner, drinks…. and then more races…and drinks!!! Squad captains, it is time to start collecting money from your crew for a crew payment that includes race fees and boat/ trailer transportation to Melbourne. The total cost per crew is $1,120. The dinner is $20 per person (if you are racing), coxes, friends, parents, partners are welcome however dinner will be $40 for them as half is subsidised in your race fee payment.  

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Treasurer. Payment deadline is 15th November!


Boat Lighting and Visibility  

From Isaac 

RNSW and the NSW government have reposted legal lighting requirements for rowing in dimness of the mornings, and can be found at https://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/maritime/safety-rules/rules-regulations/codes-of-conduct/rowing.html


Key points are 

  • Continuous light visible from all around for up to 1km (read: good batteries)
  • Flashing light is permitted, but must flash at a frequency of more than once per second (read: not the steadily oscillating lights)
  • You may partially cover the light in a way to assist the rowers’ vision, but must still be visible from all around
  • Lights must be in use between sunset and (full) sunrise

As the speedy rowers of 6am will undoubtedly attest to, you can never be too visible.


Boat Booking System 


The boat booking system is up and running once again so please familiarise yourselves with it. It can be accessed through the LRC website under the members section. This will assist with the management of the fleet and allocations of resources.


Please note that this system is not first in best dressed, but up to the Captain’s discretion. 

Please send all regatta entries to regatta@lrc.com.au no later than 12pm Saturday before each entry close.


  • 26th October- Mosman Middle Harbour Time Trial
  • 28th October- 101st Anniversary of Czechoslovakia’s Independence 
  • 2nd November- Boat Maintenance Day #4
  • 14th December- Christmas Party