Iron Cove Classic Series

The first race of the series is on!

If you are rowing in the race this Saturday allow plenty of time to get on the water. Over 20 eights will be using our pontoon from about 7am.

If you are rowing in the BoomalaKKa or Barry then you will need to rig your boat. Allow plenty of time. Boat allocation is on the Boat Roster Board.

We have borrowed the RESOLUTE from Pymble for our Juniors, so they do not need to rig the Jaques. We have 11 eights competing.

Please note that there will be no recreational rowing on Saturday.

Cake Store

Cake Alert! Get cooking for Saturday 1 November

On Saturday 1st November we host the second of the Iron Cove Classics.
In order to help the festivities we have secured the services of a Folk Duo who are going to busk out the front of the Club.
Supporting them will be an egg and bacon BBQ plus a cake stall. With a bit of luck we will make some significant money from rowers and passers by.

So we need CAKES.

Please put your pinnies on and make us some yummy cakes or cookies that the Juniors can sell on Sat 1st November. Just bring them along early on Saturday morning and give them to Junior Vice Captain, Lachlan Andrew.
You’ll be surprised at how much we can make from this and all money goes towards the boats.

Captain’s Log

Orientation Day

The Club has decided to hold Orientation Days every 3 months for new members. At these compulsory 2 hour meetings we will cover everything from Club Policies, “Who is Who”, repairs, how to change a wheel, where to find a wheel, Volunteer Areas, uniforms, NSW Rowing, our Website, item locations to racing issues, the lot!

As this is the first of them we are holding 2 for members who have joined since January 2014.
A list of their names is on the notice board upstairs. The dates are Sunday 2/11 and Saturday 15/11 from 8.30am to 10.30am at the shed. New members have been asked to tick the day they will be attending or reply to me with an apology.
If they normally row then then they are to skip the row.
These meetings will be conducted by our Club Vice Captains.

Longer term members are welcome to attend as well. Please add your name to the list so we know how many to set up for.


Storm warning

On Monday 20th at about 6am a flash storm hit the harbour. Several of our rowers sunk in their boats and were blown across the central harbour.
In the process we lost the double known as the Frances. The two battered halves are on a trailer outside the shed.
Several other clubs reported similar damage.

It just goes to show that we need to keep as up to date with predicted bad weather as possible. As a rule winds over 20 knots and visible white caps are NO ROW DAYS. Winds coming from the south, south west and south east are very deceptive from our shed. It often looks calm just off the pontoon but choppy on the other side.

If unsure ask someone experienced before you go out. We do not want unnecessary damage to equipment or our members. Keep safe.

Head of the Yarra

As we approach the Head of the Yarra, I ask all prospective crews to plan a maintenance session on their boat. This means coming down at another time or cancelling a training session to go over all the equipment.
Standard procedure means removing all fittings, cleaning them, replacing any damaged or worn parts, checking the speaker lines, reassembling with ALL the correct parts including washers, shoe ties, safety straps, riggers, oar collars, etc, etc.

Remember you can pay the Head of the Yarra fees on the LRC website.

People needed to clear the Club – Sunday 26 October

A private function is being held at the Club this Sunday afternoon. After rowing Sunday morning, please lend a hand to help move the equipment into the gym and to ensure that the toilets, kitchen and carpet are clean and ready for the crowd to arrive.
Everyone is asked to vacate the clubhouse by 12 midday.

Steve Duff

The LRC Shop

If you need zooties, polos, shorts, lights or other LRC merchandise, please allow enough time for our shopkeeper (aka the Club Slave) to prepare your order. It is not reasonable to expect home delivery or hourly turnaround times. AnnaC is at the Club most mornings, so if you need something urgently, track her down. Please bring cash or your credit card if you plan to buy at the Club. The online shop provides a catalogue of what we have and you can pay with your credit card or bank account, via PayPal.

The NSW Union of Oarswomen AGM / Christmas Lunch.

Date: Sunday, 16 November, 2014
Time: Row at 10am AGM at 11:30am Lunch at 1pm
Venue: Leichhardt Rowing Club
Cost: 2 courses for $55 by the magnificent Gourmet Catering
See NSW Union of Oarswomen Newsletter 2.

Diary dates (starting to book up)

  • Sat 25 Oct – Iron Cove Classic 1 (starts 8am)
  • Sat 25 Oct – NSW I Time trial SIRC – good luck to our competitors
  • Sun 26 Oct – Private function at club from 12.30pm
  • Sat 1 Nov – ICC2 – LRC hosting – cakes needed
  • Sat 1 Nov – Coaches meeting 10.30am
  • Sun 2 Nov – New members orientation – 8.30-10.30am (attend only one session)
  • Sat 8 Nov – Head of the Parramatta
  • Sat 15 Nov – New members orientation – 8.30-10.30am
  • Sat 22 Nov – Iron Cove Classic 3
  • Sat 13 Dec – Xmas Party 6pm