From Matt

Shoes and Quick release

We are embarking on a roll out of BATlogic quick release shoes to black grade boats. This enables the rower to have their own pair of shoes that they can put in any boat. The connection between the shoe, foot and boat is unbelievable. Many people have said but I will forget them or why I just think I don’t go running, cycling or play rugby in a random shoe. Quick release plates will be fitted to a min amount of grey clogs should you not wish to have your own shoes, I personally promise the change is unbelievable and knowing I fit every boat is amazing. This will mean that all straps in boats will be rolled out with grey clogs rolled down from black boats, mainly green doubles & quads.

Should you not have received an email from Matt asking for your indication to purchase shoes please let him know as we are doing a bulk order this weekend, this will give us a dramatic discount. Noting these shoes are approx $25 more expensive then the grey clogs. Final cost will be around $220 per pair. This also means the club can spend money on boats rather than constantly buying new shoes.

Sizes can be checked here.

Finally, should you be seen not wearing socks in ANY boat you will be detail polishing that boat. Hygiene for all members is imperative.

Boat Captains

An email will be sent to all boat captains over the weekend to remind crews what you need to do. It is very important that every piece of metal comes off the boat. All boats in the shed need attention during the month of September, no excuse. No one has done a big maintenance of any boat in over a month so ALL members are to help (Justin’s crew in the Bodell crew maybe have done enough). Doing this ourselves reduces cost we need to pay boat builders for, again meaning we can buy new equipment.

Heights & Pitching

No one is to adjust pitching or heights of Viii’s unless you have spoken to Bob, Matt or Steve R. Steve Roll over the past few months Steve has adjusted ALL boats, but has to start again cos people have moved things. We have a club standard and all boats are to be club standard, should things keep moving you will be reallocated to the Trives. The club standards for all boat set up is in the noticeboard in the lobby. If you think you can see or know, I promise you don’t, each boat has been set properly rather than by eye or feeling. If it feels wrong talk to the us before moving ANYTHING. Wasting Steve’s valuable time and experience is not appreciated. The threat will happen, boat allocations are tight.

Cox Boxes

The new cox boxes will be in use from Sunday. They have GPS stroke coaches in them as well. These boxes will be allocated in person and will be locked in the inner office for the interim.


Red Stickers have been put on the sides of all boats to indicate location of racks to boats. Additionally we are about to relabel and assign sweep oars, this will happen this Saturday. So from Sunday can all crews ensure the blades match the boat. Stickers will replace the names on the spoons, all crews will be doing maintenance on blades shortly and removing names etc. All Croker blades will be timber veneer shortly, should you not like the blades allocated to it, please talk to Bob or Matt do not just take other blades ‘you like’.

AGM meeting and documents

Find them all online.

Sculler head of the Nepean

Good luck to the LRC rowers competing in the Sculler Head of the Nepean. It’s going to be cold!


  • 26 August, Saturday – Sculler Head of the Nepean
  • 27 August, Sunday – AGM at 10am
  • 3 September – SIRC, Corporate Challenge regatta day
  • 9 September – Drummoyne, NSW Indoor Rowing Championships
  • 16 September, Saturday – Head of the Nepean (4.5km)
  • 23 September, Saturday – Head of the Shoalhaven (6.5km) plus Sprints (350m, 1x and 2x only)
  • 29 September to 2 October – NSW Rugby League Knockout
  • 30 September, Saturday – NSW TT #1
  • 7 October, Saturday – Head of the Lane Cove, sweep coxed boats only (6.5km)