LRC Regatta

On March 5, LRC will host our annual grade regatta on Iron Cove.
We need tinny drivers please, and a few other volunteers for catering and odd jobs.

As this is our own regatta, the expectation is for ALL members to help out on the day somehow.
Please write to Anna Cico ( or with what you can do on the day.

From the Captain

Boat Damage

In the past 3 months, 4 boats have been damaged beyond repair: 1 single, 2 doubles & 1 eight. The club finances cannot handle this amount of damage. The current mood is that insurance will cover the costs. This may be true but our excess will be astronomical next year and will be reflected in cost of memberships again. Please treat equipment like it is your own, we appreciate accidents do happen but generally if accidents happen it should not be because of running into walls, buoys or poles that generally haven’t moved in years! Please keep an extra look out all the time, and remember it’s not the sole responsibility of stroke or bow: you all need to aware of your surroundings.

Working Bee

Each squad is responsible for the wellbeing of specific crew boats, please refer to the spreadsheet next to the boat bookings so you know who is responsible for what boat. These people have been asked before Taree for the work to be carried out, this has happened to a very small amount of the fleet so could you please all make time to work on your boats. Should you not be able to maintain your boat, bookings will not be honoured and priority will be given to other crews. If you have time to row, you have time to maintain. ALL Club members should be in attendance for a working bee day or make other arrangements to do work on another day.


There are 2 tinnies not in use which need to be placed behind the old trailer (1 & 6)
Single tinnies will go in quad and private single bay. Double stacked tinnies in 8 bays. Make sure if your squad pushes them out, pull them back on or move close up the doors if crews are still out. People who are doing coffee on balcony please do a check prior to leaving.

Sunday Morning

Please give Dean and crew a hand on Sunday morning @ 830 to get the remainder of the 8s off the trailer and into the rafters. We will also be shuffling a few 8s around on Saturday as St Paul’s College students are returning to the shed next week and need easy access for the Boomalakka.

Learn to Row

from Justin

We have recently completed the initial training of our latest lot of Learn To Rowers – the second lot to use the “new” system. It seems to be working well. The idea is that each new intake of LTRs is handed to an existing competitive crew who spend four sessions with them getting them acquainted with the stroke and then on the water in an eight. If numbers are short, the hosting crew make up the numbers. Providing an experienced stroke and seven really helps them get the idea. The next part of the program sees them handed over to the Recreationals where they are slotted into existing crews for further on-water training. So take note – the time is coming when your crew will be required to introduce new people to our sport. Turns out, it’s pretty rewarding 🙂

LRC gear

In case you have missed it, we have a virtual shop with The Regatta Shop. Check out the latest items there.
This is in addition to our LRC Shop which stocks different items at cheaper prices, but with limited sizes and inventory.

Regatta entries

Please send your entries to seven days before the regatta itself. Dates are on the RNSW website and also a summary of relevant regattas is below.


  • Sat 25 Feb – Sydney Rowing Club Regatta, SIRC
  • Sat 4 Mar – Gold Cup (big boats only)
  • Sun 5 Mar – LRC Grade regatta, Iron Cove
  • Fri 10 Mar – King’s and Queen’s Cup Lunch
  • Sun 19 Mar – Drummoyne Grade regatta, Iron Cove
  • Sun 26 Mar – Drummoyne Masters Regatta, Iron Cove
  • 8-9 April – Trickett Grade Championships, SIRC
  • 24-28 April – World Masters Games, Lake Karapiro, NZ
  • Sun 30 April – Iron Cove Masters regatta, Iron Cove
  • 6-7 May – NSW Masters Championships, SIRC
  • Sun 23 July 11am to 3pm – LUOR lunch