This Week @ LRC – 24 August 2018

New boats in the shed!

AGM This Sunday

The AGM is on this Sunday at 10am, at the Clubhouse.

All members are most welcome but voting is restricted by our Constitution to Life Members and Competitive Members who are financial, over 18 year-old and who are not probationary.

To provide clarity, a list of eligible voting members will be prepared and made available at the door. Members who wish to vote will have their names ticked off on arrival and will be provided in return with ballot papers.

A list of the candidates who are standing to be voted in and their bios, can be found online.

The Annual Report is also online as is the proxy form.


Corporate regatta and function on 1 September

On 1 September, our Corporate crews will race at SIRC in their final “graduation” regatta. We need lots of volunteers to help on the day, including boat loading on Friday morning (31 August).
In the afternoon, there is a wedding at the Club so we will leave the trailers on the street and unloading will be on Sunday. Please do not enter the Club and disturb the function.


Shut down – but not too much!

Please close the bays and tidy up slings when you have finished using a bay, even if you are not the last one at the Club.

Often late rowers coming back in are left with a lot of moving around of tinnies and putting slings away for others. Be responsible and if you are the last one in a bay, please shut it down.

Before closing the private sculls bay, please ensure no boat is on the water – usually a sign is hanging from the chain, or a bag is left around as a sign that someone is still rowing. Being in a single and getting shut out of the shed is very unpleasant.


New Boat Classifications

We have decided to review individual boat classifications to suit our current membership activity as we lead into the head races season. Many members have upgraded to Competitive level and have expressed a desire to work in a squad to improve their performance which is terrific.

So we have decided to re-look at our eights. You may have noticed that Pymble is also increasing its fleet after a successful season last year. They now have 3 eights and one sculling eight. This leaves us with 8 racks for our eights inside the shed. We have decided to store our best 8 eights inside and 2 good eights on the grass. This means we also have 2 other eights in storage for Corporate use and as spares.

The Fazio is being retired after a recent accident – RIP.

All rigged eights inside the shed will now be what we call BLACK boats. The new Captain will be in charge of their allocation to competitive crews. Such crews will also be responsible to maintain specific boats.

The reclassification is as follows:

Men’s/Heavy Weight Black Eights

McKenzie / Iron Cove / Boomalakka / Bodell

Women’s/Light Weight Black Eights

Milne / Clare / Genesis / Simmington

General Use Green Eights

Bath / Walsh / Stanistreet / Moynahan


Big Things don’t always fit into small spaces (Otherwise known as Big Hips Sink Ship)

Several of the newer eights in particular the Sykes ones, have very small spaces for the cox. Large people just can’t fit so DON’T try. The Simmington was split away from its ribs last weekend due to an unnamed person’s lower structure – all fixed now.

If you don’t fit then don’t push off!



  • 4 August to 1 September – Corporate Challenge
  • 26 August, Sunday – AGM, 10am at the Club
  • 1 September, Saturday – Corporate Regatta at SIRC
  • 8 September, Saturday – Lane Cove Head, 4+ and 8+ only, 6.5km
  • 15 September, Saturday – indoor rowing championships, DRC
  • 16 September, Sunday – Head of the Nepean (big boats), 5km
  • 22 September – Head of the Shoalhaven, 6.5km
  • 7 October, Sunday – Iron Cove Classic #1
  • 13 October, Saturday – RNSW Spring Regatta, SIRC
  • 20 October, Saturday – Head of the Parramatta
  • 4 November, Sunday – Iron Cove Classic #2